Joe Biden, Black Lives Mattering, and Education

Daniel Henninger explored the inkblots of the Trump-Biden Presidential contest. One of the blots he mentioned was this:

If Joe Biden wins on the basis of his current policy course, those young black lives will have next to no chance of their schools improving in the next four years.

Indeed. We’ve already seen the Progressive-Democrats’ attitude toward the lives of black children and their education. Eric Holder, the AG under Biden’s heavily touted BFF Barack Obama—and with Biden’s clear knowledge and at least tacit approval—sued Louisiana to block that State’s effort to let black children escape from failing public schools and go to voucher schools for an actual education.

Maybe Not So Much

There may be an agreement between Oregon Governor Kate Brown (D) and DHS that Federal law enforcement officers in Portland will draw down to pre-rioting against and assaults on Federal property levels. The draw down is contingent on Oregon’s State police providing the requisite protection, with Federal law enforcement support.

However, the WSJ has this much wrong.

State and local police have so far failed to do that job in Portland.

No. Brown and Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler (D) have overtly prevented the State and local police from doing that job in Portland.

A Churchman is Heard From

Priests for Life National Director Fr Frank Pavone, late of the Trump campaign organization, is speaking out, against a misleading fraction of the press and the Progressive-Democratic Party Presidential candidate Joe Biden campaign platform. At the request of the Vatican, Pavone resigned from several campaign advisory boards.

I see headline after headline, article after article, by Catholic outlets that have given zero coverage to my years-long advocacy of the President, but now want to make it look like I’m distancing myself from him or reducing my commitment to his re-election. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

Double Standards

A Twitter representative illustrates.

Notice that. Even after the moderator’s clarification of Ostrovsky’s question, Twitter considers Iran’s head mullah Khamenei routinely calling for the destruction of Israel entirely acceptable “for conversation,” but Trump’s often rude remarks on Twitter worthy of warnings if not outright censorship and removal.

But @Jack doesn’t want to impact politics or political speech. And @Jack is an honorable man; so are they all, all of Twitter honorable men.

Aside: Arsen Ostrovsky is, among other things, Executive Director of The Israeli-Jewish Congress, an Israeli-based NGO.

The NFL’s Failure

The National Football League has decided the nonsense of social justice messaging—carefully unbalanced messaging, even—is more important than playing football.

The NFL reportedly unveiled on Monday its social justice plans for Week 1 of the upcoming season, which includes optional decals players can place on their helmet and messages that could be placed in each end zone.
Players who opt to wear the decal will be given a list of names or they can choose a “victim of systematic racism who is not on that list,” NFL executive Anna Isaacson told teams

The Biden Tax Plan

Progressive-Democratic Party Presidential candidate Joe Biden thinks American businesses don’t pay enough taxes into Government’s coffers.

“Vice President Biden has been clear that it’s absolutely unacceptable for some of the biggest companies in America, like Amazon, to pay next to nothing in taxes,” Michael Gwin, a campaign spokesman, said.

This is a carefully misleading claim that Biden is making through his spokesman. Some of the biggest companies in America actually pay billions of dollars in taxes for all that each of those companies pay a net amount of close to zero. That, though, is an outcome of our byzantine tax code that lets companies—big and small; although it’s the biggest that are able to make the most of it—balance a tax bite here with a subsidy, write-off, credit, or what-have-you there in order to achieve low/zero overall liability while paying those individual billions.

Progressive-Democrats and Economic Recovery

Progressive-Democrats don’t seem to care about economic recovery, only about using the current Wuhan Virus situation and the economic dislocation the virus has spurred for their own political power gain.

This is made plain by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D, CA) in an interview she gave to CBS NewsFace the Nation Sunday.

…what we will not support is the following. What they’re saying to essential workers, you have to go to work because you’re essential. We’ve place no responsibility on your employer to make that workplace safe and if you get sick, you have no recourse because we’ve given your employer protection.

Government and Student Debt

In an article on the possibility of the Federal government extending its current moratorium on student debt repayment, The Wall Street Journal posed a question to its readers.

How should Congress address the backlog of student-loan payments borrowers will owe after Sept 30?

I say, mostly by leaving it alone. The loans are strictly business arrangements between the borrower and the lender.

In a free market economy, government has no role here, other than to allow student debt to be discharged through bankruptcy like most other debt. Such bankruptcies then must flow with all the ramifications they entail for both the lenders and the borrowers.

Preserving the Peace

Christopher Columbus statues in Chicago’s Grant and Arrigo parks were taken down under cover of darkness in the wee hours of last Friday. Grant Park is in downtown Chicago, but Arrigo Park is in the heart of Chicago’s Little Italy.

The city’s tear-down was done in direct response to the prior week’s “protesters'” violence when they tried to rip the statues down themselves.

Chicago’s mayor, Lori Lightfoot (D), issued a statement about her government’s complicity in the statue takedown.

This step is about an effort to protect public safety and to preserve a safe space for an inclusive and democratic public dialogue about our city’s symbols[.]

Politics of Division

In a Fox News opinion piece about what Progressive-Democratic Party Presidential candidate Joe Biden needs to do to get elected besides ride ex-President Barack Obama’s (D) coattails, Progressive-Democrat Doug Schoen, 30 years a pollster and Democratic political consultant, had this remark.

Biden and his fellow Democrats are still struggling to develop a positive narrative surrounding Biden’s candidacy that is more than a reaction to President Trump’s polarization and division.

Trump’s polarization and division.

What polarization and division? It’s not Trump who’s practicing identity politics that, by design, divides and polarizes.

It’s not Trump who said 15% of Americans “are just no good.”