EU and Taxes

The European Union agreed Tuesday on a set of rules and standards aimed at closing loopholes that allow wealthy multinationals to shift profits and avoid footing large tax bills.

“Today’s agreement strikes a serious blow against those engaged in corporate tax avoidance,” said Pierre Moscovici, the bloc’s tax affairs commissioner.

Notice that.  There’s not the slightest glimmer of a concept of discouraging corporate tax avoidance by lowering tax rates.  No, it’s not the corporation’s money; it’s the EU’s, and they’ll decide how much of the money gained by a corporation the EU will permit it to retain.

Dangers of a Progressive Senate

Last Monday the Senate voted down four gun control measures, the least offensive of which was Senator John Cornyn’s (R, TX) proposal to let DoJ delay a gun purchase by someone DoJ suspected but that also would require Justice to show probable cause in court within 72 hours in order to permanently block the purchase.

The Democrats’ response was as predictable as it was disingenuous.  Here’s Senator Chuck Schumer (D, NY), for instance.

It’s hard to believe, but still true, that our Republican colleagues voted to allow suspected terrorists to buy guns.  We will keep pushing until they see the light.


The People’s Republic of China now has the fastest supercomputer in the world.  In fact, it has the two fastest.  There’s more to it than this, too, as Horst Simon, Deputy Director of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, noted:

The fact that every single piece is Chinese-made is huge.

side from minor matters like predicting the weather and the investment markets, these kinds of computers are useful in identifying and solving complex problems involved in design of equipment, weapons, defense weapons, collating intelligence information and making serious predictions based on that information, and on and on and on.

Boeing, Iran, and Aircraft Sales

Iran reportedly reached an agreement Sunday to buy 100 planes from Boeing, pending the final authorization from US Treasury officials.

These are passenger aircraft, ostensibly destined for Iranair and other Iranian airline companies.

There are a couple of questions about this deal, though.  One is where will the money (in the neighborhood of $17 billion) come from with which Iran will pay for these aircraft?  Who will lend Iran the money?

Wear It Proudly

The American Association of University Professors has decided to “place on its censure list” the University of Missouri-Columbia for the latter’s temerity in firing Melissa Click—of student journalist assault infamy—for her misbehavior.

The university should make this action by the AAUP a part of its marketing and fund-raising campaigns.  The censure of an organization that actively supports the misbehavior of one of its own is a thing about which the UoM-C can be proud and about which it should brag.


The Pentagon held a video-teleconference with Russian defense officials Saturday, two days after Russia bombed Pentagon and CIA-backed rebels not once, but twice on Thursday near Syria’s border with Iraq and Jordan.

And especially [emphasis added]

The second wave of strikes occurred after the US military called Russia on an emergency byline established following Russia’s deployment of dozens of fighter jets and attack helicopters to Syria in late 2015.

This is how seriously Russia takes President Barack Obama’s (d) administration.  This is the contempt Vladimir Putin has for this President and for Democratic Party Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and her Reset that she wants to extend.  A Reset that is too expensive, indeed.

First Amendment and Second Amendment

Via Power Line; source otherwise unknown.Free-Press-copy

Hillary Clinton, Homosexuals, and Money Collections

Democratic Party Presidential Candidate Hillary Clintons claims she’s on the side of gays, transsexuals, and others living alternative life styles.  She claims she’s against discrimination against these folks based on their lifestyle.  This is where a significant fraction of her foundation’s money comes from.

  • Algeria: ($250,000-$500,000) Algerian law states: “Anyone guilty of a homosexual act is punishable with imprisonment.”
  • Brunei: ($1 million-$5 million) Brunei’s penal code states: “Whoever voluntarily has carnal intercourse against the order of nature with any man, woman, or animal, shall be punished with imprisonment for a term which may extend to 10 years.”

Tragedy Equals Excuse to Inflict Gun Controls

That’s the focus and modus operandi of the Democrats.

Congressional Democrats are renewing their push for gun control measures in the wake of the Orlando terror massacre, arguing the best way to prevent suspected terrorists from carrying out acts of violence is to legally limit their access to firearms.

They’re right this far—certainly such limits would be a large help.  The problem is how to do it without disarming American citizens.  And that leads to the real problem: Democrats don’t care about American citizens and our right—our obligation—to defend ourselves and each other.  Democrats just want us disarmed.

Democrats, Gun Control, and Cynical Uses of Tragedy

In Ohio on Tuesday, former Governor Ted Strickland, a Democrat running for the Senate, called on Republican Senator Rob Portman to reverse his position on the watch list legislation from Ms Feinstein [Democratic Senator from California].

“The constant has been that these crimes are committed with guns—and that our leaders in Washington like Senator Portman are not taking simple, common sense steps to keep weapons out of the hands of those who would do us harm,” Mr Strickland wrote in a Medium post.