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That was over the Friday-Saturday series of votes in the House.

Putting Mayorkas on Trial

Republican Senators Ted Cruz (TX) and Mike Lee (UT) opined on the Senate’s duty to hold a trial of DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas when the House delivers the articles of impeachment and on the Senate’s Progressive-Democrat Majority Leader Chuck Schumer’s (NY) intent to block any such trial. Toward the end of their piece, they offered this assessment of Schumer’s move:

He [Schumer] also wants to insulate Democrats from having to vote guilty or not guilty.

On this aspect of Schumer’s block I disagree.

Illegal Aliens

Do illegal aliens have rights under our 14th Amendment? Here’s what that Amendment says on the matter:

No State shall…deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.

The question hinges on “jurisdiction.” In that sense, some illegal aliens do have rights under our 14th Amendment: those who enter illegally but then submit to arrest and handling in accordance with our laws. They’re still eligible for deportation over their illegal entry, and they should be, but the decision to deport must follow due process.

Paying for Illegal Aliens to Move to our Interior

Republicans managed to get an amendment to a bill to the floor of the Senate that would have bar[red] taxpayer funds from being used to fly illegal aliens to US towns and cities. That’s not just for relocating them from our non-existent southern border into our interior. That bill was to block our tax remittances from being used to charter flights for hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens from their countries directly to American towns.

Not only was the amendment voted against (and so defeated) by the Progressive-Democratic Party Senators as a group, all of them—every single one of them—voted against the bill.

Progressive-Democrats and Open Borders

Recall the illegal aliens who stormed our border near El Paso, TX, broke through the concertina wire barrier, and physically assaulted the troops who were there to defend our border, overrunning them and successfully breaking into our nation.

A group of over 100 migrants attempted to enter the US illegally by rushing a border wall Thursday, breaking through razor wire and knocking over guards in the process.

The Biden administration has responded to that break-in:

Despite the commotion, the city of El Paso’s migrant dashboard showed 743 people had been released from custody and into the US on Thursday.

A Thought on Mexico

In the ongoing internal-to-the-US debate over whether Texas can take steps to protect itself from the flood of illegal aliens—SB4—in the absence of the Federal government’s overt action to not protect any of the States, Mexico’s President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said, through his Foreign Minister’s spokesman, that

[Mexico] “won’t accept, under any circumstances,” deportations by Texas.
Mexico “categorically rejects any measure that allows state or local authorities to carry out immigration control tasks, detain and return nationals or foreigners to Mexican territory[.]”

US Is Even More Vulnerable

The mostly unfettered inflow of “refugees” from—pick a source, but mostly the Middle East—into Europe is beginning to awaken Europe’s western and central nations to the terrorist risk they face from that flow (eastern Europe’s nations have long been well aware). That relatively uninhibited flow, with its sample that have been caught, should be clanging alarm bells for us, too.

Authorities in Europe say they have foiled several terror plots, some involving suspects posing as refugees, raising alarm about a growing array of threats from extremists.

When is Reducing Employee Hours not a Layoff?

When it’s being done to reallocate city funds to support illegal aliens. That’s Denver’s Newspeak Dictionary version of what the city managers are choosing to do to the city’s Parks and Recreations system “on call” employees, folks like lifeguards, front desk workers, and coaches. The parks and recs’ $4.3 million budget is better used taking care of those illegal aliens.

Oh, and never mind what those layoffs, to use an American English dictionary definition of Denver’s action, will do to the city’s residents, especially the children, who will no longer have any place to swim or to play the sports that used to be coached.

Denver Isn’t That Furious

Denver’s Progressive-Democrat Mayor Mike Johnson is upset that the Federal government didn’t solve his biggest civic problem. When the Senate voted down the Federal bill in question, he posted on Instagram,

Today is a day the residents of Denver should be heartbroken. And they should be furious because we know we have a humanitarian crisis in this city[.]

Aside: Caldwell and Hackman had this in their piece at the link:

This city of 713,000 people has absorbed nearly 40,000 migrants in a little over a year, more per capita than any other US city.

Another Progressive-Democrat State Government…

…favors illegal aliens over its citizens. New York is opening State government jobs to illegal aliens.

New York is allowing migrants with federal work authorization to apply for thousands of temporary government jobs, [Progressive-]Democratic Governor Kathy Hochul said.


I have 10,000 openings in the New York State workforce. These are all legal people.

They’re legal only in a very narrow, legalistic sense. They’re illegal aliens who’ve been—wrongly, I claim—granted temporary work permits.

Hochul also is lowering the requirement to have at least a minimal education, a minimal English language proficiency, and appropriate certifications as criteria for getting these jobs. In sum, she’s extending diversity hire ideology to include illegal aliens.