Why Is He Hesitating?

Two Presidential candidate debates have been agreed between former Republican President Donald Trump and current Progressive-Democrat President Joe Biden: one each on CNN, ABC, and a putative VP candidate debate on Fox.

However, while Trump has agreed to do four debates–

I have accepted a fourth Presidential Debate against Crooked Joe Biden, this time with NBC & Telemundo….

–he says, in essence, the more the merrier, Biden is refusing. Jen O’Malley Dillon, formerly Biden’s White House Deputy Chief of Staff and currently his Presidential campaign chair, had this:

If That Were True….

There are moves afoot, mostly Republican-originated, to amend State constitutions and to otherwise pass legislation that would explicitly allow only US citizens to vote in US elections. A House Administration Committee on American Confidence in Elections: Preventing Noncitizen Voting and Other Foreign Interference explicitly addressed that question at the national level. Progressive-Democratic Party politicians opposed, loudly, the effort. Congressman Joe Morelle (D, NY) was especially vociferous.

This hearing is about preemptively covering Donald Trump’s lies. The hearing isn’t about law and order. It’s about laying the foundation for the next big lie. It’s about saying that illegal voting is the cause of an election defeat.

Why Should It Take So Long?

Ukraine has asked NATO leadership to have member nations, including the US, send military trainers to Ukraine to help train 150,000 new recruits into the Ukrainian armed forces. The US is exceedingly reluctant.

So far the United States has said no, but General Charles Q Brown Jr, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said on Thursday that a NATO deployment of trainers appeared inevitable. “We’ll get there eventually, over time,” he said.

To paraphrase John Maynard Keynes from another venue: over time, Ukrainians are all enslaved.


Who’s the One Favoring Russia?

Former President Donald Trump (R) has been repeatedly and over the long term caviled for his praise of Russian President Vladimir Putin, calling him brilliant, an effective leader, more. Even as he was extolling the skills (not the virtues, as the intrinsically mendacious press wants you to believe), though, Trump was busily arming Ukraine with lethal weapons after the prior administration, that of Progressive-Democrat President Barack Obama had withheld lethal weapons, telling the Ukrainians they should be happy to make do with blankets and MREs.

Bringing Back the Blue Slip?

The blue slip process is the procedure wherein one or both Senators of a State from which a judicial nominee hails could block the Senate Judiciary Committee from considering that nominee. The process had been a long-standing courtesy—not a Senate rule—that Committee Chairmen had for decades honored. Then-Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley (R, IA) began ignoring the blue slips in 2017 when the Progressive-Democrat Senators began abusing the process, using their blue slips to knee-jerk block then-President Donald Trump’s (R) nominees.

Now the current Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman and Majority Whip Dick Durbin (D, IL) is talking about reviving the courtesy (possibly even using the current Progressive-Democratic Party majority in the Senate to make the courtesy a Senate Rule).

A 21st Century Mugwump

Monica Tranel is a Progressive-Democratic Party candidate for Congress, looking to replace Montana’s Republican Congressman Ryan Zinke. Tranel has bragged about being in the middle on political matters:

…being in the middle is in my DNA. I have no interest in playing party politics. I want to come to the center….

She claims on her Web site,

I’m running for Congress to represent the missing middle—the people who feel invisible, whose voices are not heard, who are not represented in the current political divide.

And she’s proud of her fence-sitting.

Sort of Firm Talk, Timid Action

Two letter writers in Sunday’s Letters section of The Wall Street Journal responded concretely to the WSJ‘s editorial of the prior Tuesday.

I can’t agree with you that President Biden offered the “right words” when he said, “‘Never again,’ simply translated for me, means never forget” (“How Not to Remember the Holocaust,” Review & Outlook, May 8). While historical memory is important, it is the easy part of “never again.”
The hard part, for President Biden at least, is understanding that “never again” means that Israel and the Jewish people will never again tolerate—and should never have to tolerate—threats to their existence such as the “ring of fire” ignited against Israel by Iran and its proxies.
With his watered-down and tortured definition, Mr. Biden betrays the clear meaning of “never again.” With his denial of critical military support, he betrays Israel and the Jewish people in their hour of need.
Ben Orlanski
Beverly Hills, Calif.


The campaign to reelect Progressive-Democrat President Joe Biden has a Mothers’ Day message:

Happy Mother’s Day. At the Biden campaign, we are asking Americans to do the moms in their lives a favor. Stop Trump.


The stakes of this election are high for all Americans, but especially moms across our country who will suffer under a second Trump term.

And irony of ironies,

On Mother’s Day, a reminder: Donald Trump stands only for himself and not mothers across America and their families.

Because Mothers’ Day isn’t about celebrating America’s mothers. It’s about what’s good for a particular son of a mother.

To Hell with Bipartisanship

Arizona Progressive-Democrat Senator Mark Kelly has made Party’s disdain for us average Americans clear (as if it isn’t already, for some time). He said in an NBC News interview,

that he favors overriding the Senate filibuster to pass national abortion protections.


two years ago he [Kelly] argued for passing progressive “voting rights legislation” with 51 votes.

This position jammed my irony meter needle hard against the stop. Progressive voting rights are “rights” of non-citizens to vote in our elections. It’s hard to get more undemocratic than that. Indeed, that’s tautologically completely un-American.

Deliberate Insult?

Amid the hoo-raw over Hamas claiming to agree to a sham deal for a cease fire and Israel sending tanks into Rafah to secure the Gaza side of the border crossing there despite Progressive-Democrat President Joe Biden’s order not to and his already withholding weapons shipments to Israel, there’s this tidbit:

An Israeli delegation, Hamas officials, mediators from Qatar, and the head of the Central Intelligence Agency arrived in Cairo for discussions on a cease-fire proposal from the militant group. CIA Director William Burns arrived there from Qatar….