Pope Francis, Communion, and Abortion

This is a subject into which I’m going to poke my Protestant nose, which may be a symptom of my own sin of arrogance, but there it is.

Pope Francis insists that communion is a gift to all of us, not a prize for the perfect. He also says,

What must the pastor do? Be a pastor; don’t go condemning. Be a pastor, because he is a pastor also for the excommunicated.

He’s right, too, as far as he goes.

He also emphasizes

Whoever has an abortion kills. It is a human life. This human life must be respected—this principle is so clear.

The VA Fails Again

Just when you thought maybe it was getting better, too. Nope.

Not only did one of our veterans die in a VA facility, in a stairwell 60 feet from the door to his residential room, the Bedford, MA, VA hospital in which he was resident couldn’t be bothered even to search for him. His

decomposing body wasn’t found until a month after his disappearance in an emergency stairwell just 60 feet from the door of his residential room at the facility.

The Correct Way

The People’s Republic of China demands that the Republic of China be referred to, exclusively, as Taiwan, Province of China.

A large number of institutions cravenly go along with that, solely for their personal political gain, including—especially shamefully—an American high school.

Colorado’s Regis Jesuit High School applied for credentials to attend the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women.

The purpose of attending was to give some students a taste of foreign affairs.

That’s when the PRC, a member of that commission, instructed the school to mend its ways. The PRC, through that commission, instructed the school to “fix” an obscure reference to the RoC on its Web site:

“A Retreat on Racial Preferences”

That’s the headline on a Tuesday editorial in The Wall Street Journal. The Editors opened with

The Biden Administration has been losing in court on its racially biased policies, and last week something remarkable happened. It gave up. Without explanation, the Justice Department declined to appeal a federal court injunction against a discriminatory loan-forgiveness program for farmers.

The decision not to defend appears to be widespread.

More than a dozen lawsuits have been filed challenging the USDA’s racial preferences, and three so far have resulted in preliminary injunctions by district courts in Florida, Wisconsin and Texas. Justice failed to appeal the Florida injunction before its 60-day deadline last week and hasn’t contested the others.

In Which the Supreme Court Gets One Right, So Far

Whole Woman’s Health et al v Austin Reeve Jackson, Judge, et al On Application for Injunctive Relief is a case brought to the Supreme Court by plaintiffs seeking injunction against a newly effective Texas law that bars abortions when a doctor can detect a fetal heartbeat and assigns to the citizens of Texas sole authority to enforce the law, through civil court action.

By a 5-4 vote, the Court declined to enter the matter at this stage of litigation, thereby permitting Texas’ law to remain in effect.

I have some thoughts on the matter.

An Example

…of what an honorable government does. This is the Republic of Korea.

From Laura Bicker, @BBCLBicker, via Lyman Stone @lymanstoneky:

380 Afghans who worked for the Korean government in Afghanistan will arrive in South Korea tomorrow according to MOFA [Republic of Korea’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs]. They will not be entering as refugees, but as people of merit to the country says the Foreign Ministry.
9:20 PM · Aug 24, 2021

The 380 are currently at Kabul Airport and will arrive in Incheon tomorrow by military plane. These are Afghans who have worked for years at the Embassy, KOICA, Bagram Korean Hospital, Bagram Korean Vocational Training centre, Chairkar Korean Provincial Reconstruction Team.

Two Congressmen Went on a Trip

Congressmen Seth Moulton (D, MA) and Peter Meijer (R, MI) went to Kabul, Afghanistan to see for themselves the situation there. They didn’t want to rely solely on President Joe Biden’s (D) word, or those of SecDef Lloyd Austin or JCS Chairman General Mark Milley. Even worse, they didn’t say, “Mother, may I” before heading off.

What’s really bad, though, is that Biden, et al., weren’t interested in what Moulton and Meijer learned on their trip—it was the fact of the trip itself and that the travelers bypassed the Wonders of the Potomac in the going. In fact, the Biden/Harris administration quite angry about the Congressmen’s impudence.

Somebody’s Racism in Action

Progressive-Democrats; their communications organ, the Press; and the Left generally accuse former President Donald Trump of racism. They hardly pass up a chance to make the accusation, even today.

A just completed Federal Reserve analysis of the just completed Federal census and a Brookings Institute (no right-leaning organization that) say otherwise.

Trapped Americans

In Wednesday’s Wall Street Journal, the editors offered this in describing President Joe Biden (D) and his administration as the Taliban’s hostage:

Secretary of Defense and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff admitted they lack the military resources and political mandate to ensure that every American is evacuated amid the Taliban control of Kabul.

The key part here, assuming Austin and Milley are on the up and up (which I have no reason to believe, given their emphasis on the wokeness of our military over its combat effectiveness), is the political mandate. If Biden were a serious actor in this tragedy, the political mandate would be loudly extant, with the direct result of the military resources being promptly available.

The Biden/Harris Failure

RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel has most of the right of the matter. Never mind that she speaks from one side of the aisle, the truth of her remarks on this item is independent of that.

Biden has betrayed our allies and our own military in the wake of his failure. Thousands of translators and Afghan Special Forces who bravely fought alongside American troops now risk being executed in the streets. And the sacrifices made by our military men and women—who have fought, been wounded, and died in Afghanistan for decades—have been disrespected beyond measure.