Rule By Law

Rather than Rule of Law, which is how we do things here.

The men and women of the government of the People’s Republic of China change the nation’s laws whenever convenient to their personal aims and whenever convenient to their personal power. This is how those men and women have acted, have preserved their power, since the beginning of the days of Chinese emperors.

Two current examples: their enactment in 2017 of an intelligence cooperation law that requires all PRC companies, whether state-owned or “private,” to cooperate with any intelligence community request for information, including about any company affiliate or customer wherever in the world that affiliate or customer might be.

Continuing Censorship

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO and controlling shareholder of his Facebook, testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee Tuesday. He said that

his company often must decide between “difficult trade-offs” when it comes to content moderation, and that he believes “some of these trade-offs would be better made through a democratic process.”

Two things on that. One is his stuff about trade-offs via a democratic process. What democratic process he posited is unclear. Would it be one where all of his employees would do the voting? One where all of his censors fact checkers/fact checker overseers would do the voting? There’d plainly be nothing democratic about that since his employees, including his checkers, are overwhelmingly far left, and the press outlets he sometimes uses are nearly as far left.


We hardly knew ya.

Actress Melissa McCarthy publicly apologized this week [last week as this is published] for having briefly helped direct charitable donations toward an anti-sex-trafficking organization….

Among 20 charities promoted by the actress was Exodus Cry, a group that “fight[s] for the freedom of all sex trafficking victims” and seeks to “break the cycle of exploitation and help those sold for sex[.]”

All because the Daily Beast claims Exodus Cry is anti-abortion—which Exodus Cry denies.

And: Exodus Cry has been expelled from McCarthy’s “20 Days of Kindness” campaign.

Irony Meter

Mine just pegged.

Rashida Tlaib
US House candidate, MI-13
My residents walked by blighted homes, closed schools and breathed in polluted air, to vote for President-elect @JoeBiden & VP-elect @KamalaHarris.

How oblivious can one grown, adult woman be?

Americans Are Unimportant

And so is our nation of America unimportant. That’s the position of Progressive-Democratic Party Presidential candidate Joe Biden, as espoused by his Wuhan Virus advisor, Zeke Emanuel.

The Biden/Emanuel model for distribution of a vaccine to deal with this virus

supports distributing the vaccine internationally, which means giving away or selling doses of the vaccine before it’s available to every citizen in that country….

Americans who are traditionally left behind—for any reason, good, bad, or indifferent—will continue to be left behind by this Progressive-Democrat position. For one more reason: some Americans just don’t matter as much as other nations’ citizens.

Two Misleadings in One

Progressive-Democratic Party Presidential candidate Joe Biden now is pushing the General Services Administration to approve an official transition of power from President Donald Trump to him.

That’s the first mislead. There’s no power to transition because no winner of this Presidential election has been identified yet.

Reuters then says, in its article at the link,

Biden was declared the winner of the November 3 election by US television networks on Saturday….

What He Said

A Massachusetts letter writer published in The Wall Street Journal‘s Monday Letters had this on identity politics:

I was born and raised in working-class Chicopee, MA, by second-generation Polish-American factory workers. I’m not a Boston Brahmin. I didn’t graduate from an Ivy League school or do a Wall Street internship, but I’m no longer blue-collar, either. Regardless, I’m proud to belong to an identity group that includes a wide variety of people of different races, ethnic backgrounds and religious beliefs. I identify as an American.

I hope he’s not simply being naively optimistic. In any event, what he said. Indeed.


One example of factchecking, by Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook censors factcheckers, is provided by Power Line.  It seems that Jon Hinderaker was impertinent enough to link to his Power Line post from his Facebook account, and that post rudely suggested that there might be voter fraud in the Wisconsin establishment.

Zuckerberg’s minions didn’t like that, so they had USA Today “fact check” the post, and based on that “news” outlet’s review, they added this to Hinderaker’s Facebook link.

Here’s Hinderaker’s rebuttal—on Power Line, since Zuckerberg brooks no argument with his priests—in pertinent part (RTWT):

One Outcome

It seems to be my day to cite Power Line. This time it’s a comment on the implications of the election.

Win, lose, or draw regarding the President portion of the election, this does seem to be the case:

In spades….


…as opposed to misdirection. Gerald Seib, in his Monday piece for The Wall Street Journal, wrote about the need to restore confidence in America’s democracy.

His need is misplaced, however. We Americans have a deep and abiding confidence in our republican form of democracy right along with our faith in voting (another of Seib’s misplaced concerns) as the means of executing our republican democracy.

this year’s election can be seen as the culmination of a two-decade period of decline in faith in the basic building blocks of democracy. That period began with the controversial Florida recount in the 2000 election, then expanded four years ago to charges of foreign interference in an election.