Biden’s Attack on our Energy Independence

continues. President Joe Biden (D), the privileged white male patriarch half of the Biden-Harris administration, said at his Thursday CNN-hosted townhall—and he actually was serious:

I don’t see anything that’s going to significantly reduce gas prices right now. My guess is you’ll start to see gas prices come down as we get by going into the winter, I mean excuse me, into next year in 2022.

Of course he does see what would significantly reduce gas prices—and stop the inflation in the cost of so many other consumer goods that depend on energy production. And no, I don’t mean begging more piteously for OPEC to increase oil production, nor do I mean imploring Russia to increase its oil and gas shipments.

Out of Touch

At last Friday’s noon-ish press conference, a reporter (Fox News‘ term) asked President Joe Biden’s (D) Press Secretary Jen Psaki why Biden’s approval ratings were so low. Psaki’s response:

I would just go back to what our view is, is that we’re still going through a hard time in this country. And people are tired of fighting the pandemic, they’re tired of the impact on their lives.

And we all thought it would be over at this point in time[.]

“Take the American People for Fools”

That’s what Congressman Jodey Arrington (R, TX) says the Biden-Harris administration and their Progressive-Democratic Party syndicate are doing to us average Americans with their claims that their $3.5 trillion reconciliation package won’t cost us anything.

It’s actually more like $5 trillion, Maria, and their gamesmanship and their sleight of hand will be to try to truncate the duration of these policies. But no matter how short the duration the policies are, they will be extended, they will be made permanent, and they will be expanded like every other mandatory spending and entitlement program that has ever showed up on the balance sheet of our government.

Zeroing In

That’s what the Biden-Harris administration claims is all it wants to do with its “new and improved” personal bank account monitoring scheme.

…banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions would be required to report annually on accounts with deposits and withdrawals worth more than $10,000….

Here’s Biden-Harris’ Treasury Secretary, Janet Yellen:

Today’s new proposal reflects the administration’s strong belief that we should zero in on those at the top of the income scale who don’t pay the taxes they owe, while protecting American workers by setting the bank account threshold at $10,000 and providing an exemption for wage earners like teachers and firefighters

I Thought Supply-Side Economics was a Myth

At least, that’s what so many tax-and-spend Progressive-Democrats have been insisting since the Reagan years.

But Fed Chairman Jerome Powell thinks supply-side economics actually is a thing.

Supply-side constraints have gotten worse[.]

He said that in his rationalization for his “watching carefully” indications that households and businesses are expecting sustained price pressures to continue and associated Fed manipulations of interest rates and debt asset purchasing.

Along those lines is this:

[Fed] Officials don’t want to be in a position where they feel compelled to raise rates at a time when they are still fueling monetary stimulus by purchasing assets.

An EU Attack on National Sovereignty

Poland’s Prime Minister, Mateusz Morawiecki, is objecting to the European Union’s claims to overriding authority over its independent constituent nations, Poland in particular. In an open letter to the EU’s parliament, then in debate during the next parliament session, he said

…EU mission creep…would lead to a “centrally managed organism, governed by institutions deprived of democratic control.”

And then,

EU competencies have clear boundaries, we must not remain silent when those boundaries are breached. So we are saying yes to European universalism, but we say no to European centralism.”


And outright disregard for court rulings and the law. That’s the Biden-Harris administration’s position regarding the prior administration’s Remain in Mexico policy—the Migrant Protection Protocols—implemented to stem the flow of illegal aliens into our nation, and by extension, the flow of illegal aliens into and through Mexico.

The Supreme Court, ‘way last August, ruled that the Remain in Mexico policy must remain in force, but Biden-Harris and their DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas say they’ll get around to it in another month—mid-November. -Ish.

Stall. And disobey.

Mayorkas, in an unsigned DHS statement:

Domestic Spy

That’s what Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas seems to see as his primary job: spying on his employees, prying into their personal medical status.

The US Department of Homeland Security is seeking proposals for a new system that will allow it to track the biometric data of its workers in order to monitor their physical and mental well-being.

Government tracking of Americans’ biometric data. This is the Biden-Harris Surveillance State—rest assured that if this is allowed to go forward, it will spread rapidly to all the rest of Government—complementing the administration’s already radically expanded and expanding (see their reconciliation bill and it’s a priori amendment, their “infrastructure” bill) Administrative State.

Biden’s Attack on Our Oil and Gas Industry

President Joe Biden’s (D) and his Progressive-Democratic Party syndicate’s hatred of our oil and gas production industry is well known, and he wants to include $6 billion in additional taxes, fees, and fines on those industries in their reconciliation bill.

But those penalties also will explode the cost of a myriad products Americans use, and destroy the availability of too many others—all beyond such petty uses as fuel for our getting to and from work, or heating our homes in winter and cooling them in summer.

Smuggling Illegal Aliens

It isn’t only Mexican cartels doing it. The Biden-Harris administration is nakedly trafficking in children. And by openly trafficking children on the last leg of the traffick, the Biden-Harris administration is complicit in the cartels’ traffick from the kids’ origin to our border.