Gillibrand Declares

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D, NY) has entered the Progressive-Democratic Party’s primary contest for President.  Her statement of entering can only show her campaign to be satirical rather than serious.

We need a leader who makes big, bold, brave choices. Someone who isn’t afraid of progress. That’s why I’m running for president.

Bold choices.  Like the one she made during the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings in which she rejected the American legal position of innocent until proven guilty and replaced it with her own legal theology of guilty by woman’s accusation.

When the Bad Man Comes

Forty-nine people were murdered in their house of worship in Christ Church, New Zealand last Friday. The thug

slaughtered worshipers at Al Noor [mosque] in a roughly two-minute rampage within that building. He then left for about two minutes before re-entering the building and firing on people on the ground for a further minute.

Left and came back.  Then he drove five miles across town to another mosque and started in again.

The butcher was active for thirty-six minutes before police arrived—that’s thirty-six minutes from the first call to the police, not from the start of the shooting.

A Thought on Ol’ Beto

The Wall Street Journal had one, and so do I.

The question now that he’s running for President is whether his elusive idealism can triumph in 2020 over the Democratic Party’s socialist and identity politics vanguard.

And he seems to be good at fund-raising; although I’m not convinced one way or the other based solely on his Senate campaign in 2018.

While he lost to Mr Cruz by three points, he won 59% of voters under 44, 51% of college graduates, 65% of moderates, and 62% of single women.

A Governor Misrepresents

New York’s governor, Andrew Cuomo (D), has provided another example of the dishonesty of Progressive-Democrats as he continues to whine about his State’s excessive State and local taxes no longer being deductible above a high maximum on Federal income tax forms.

He said Trump intentionally targeted states whose populations oppose him by a majority.


You pay your state income tax, they then tax your state income tax payment. First time ever.

A No-Deal Brexit

The Wall Street Journal opined earlier this week that, in the words of the piece’s subheadline,

A no-deal crash out of the EU may be the best outcome now.

The rest of the thing was a string of rationalizations of why this is true, but the heart of the matter is that subhead.

In fact, though, a no-deal departure always has been the best outcome.

A priori because that’s what the Brits voted for in their referendum—they wanted their sovereignty and control of their own borders back. Full stop.

Medical Services Price Transparency

Hospital and insurers want to keep their pricing agreements hidden from those who must pay those prices, especially those who must pay under the duress of huge costs and the immediacy of the need for medical services.

Hospitals and insurers are gearing up to battle a Trump administration plan that could require the public disclosure of negotiated prices for medical services, part of an effort to lower US health-care costs.

Because price transparency facilitates competition, which in a capitalist, free-market economy helps drive costs down.  But hospitals and insurers insist

Joe Biden, Candidate for President

Bill McGurn thinks ex-Vice President and ex-Senator Joe Biden (D) would make a formidable candidate for President on the 2020 Progressive-Democratic Party ticket.  After all, he has all that Presidential campaign experience from 1988 and 2008. And he presents as an everyman with whom ordinary Americans can identify.

But McGurn also listed these two items as Biden’s rationalizations for not running in 2016 (the sheer number of rationalizations McGurn came up with also is an indicator of Biden’s viability).

Special Treatment?

Or just another sordid example of the Left’s double standard?

Recall the 29 cops, including SWAT members who did the dawn raid on an old man’s home in order to arrest that dangerous criminal Roger Stone.

Compare that with the treatment of a member of the Hollywood elite, Lori Loughlin, who’s accused of bribery and other crimes related to the current college admissions scandal.  She’s being permitted to present herself at a local police station at a time of her convenience pursuant to the allegations.

Loughlin has made arrangements to surrender when she returns to Los Angeles, TMZ, the celebrity news site, reported.

De Blasio Raises a Point

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio (D) was asked whether he thought Congresswoman Ilhan Omar’s remarks were anti-Semitic.

I did.  Let me be really clear, suggesting that support for Israel is beholden to a foreign power is absolutely unacceptable and illogical, too[.]

He went on, adding

as an Italian-American, he does not feel “beholden to my ancestral homeland” as Omar appeared to characterize some Jewish Americans in regard to Israel.

The point makes me wonder: is Omar, in assuming some groups of Americans have conflicting loyalties to America and to their home country, projecting her own allegiance to Somalia, neverminding the treatment she says she got there?

Wisconsin Progressive-Democrats for Choice

The newly elected Wisconsin Governor, Progressive-Democrat Tony Evers, has made plain the Party’s definition of “choice.”  Choose to do it our way.

Evers’ current budget proposal

caps voucher enrollment in 2020, entirely phases out the program for special-needs students and blocks the creation of new independent charter schools.

No need for all those charter schools.  Progressive-Democrats want to avoid confusing us with such a plethora of decisions to make; they’ll protect us by deciding for us.

With not too many apologies to a hypothetical Joseph: