The Control of the People’s Republic of China

The nation appears to be close to running the United Nations as its own PR firm. Emma Reilly was an Irish Human Rights Officer with the United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights.

Then she gave an interview to Le Monde [Google Translate is friendly enough] in which she described the UNHCR as having giving up the names of Chinese dissidents who were to travel to Geneva to testify before the UNHCR to the People’s Republic of China, just because the PRC demanded the information.


No-Border Policy

Here are some of the illegal aliens that Co-Presidents Biden-Harris (D) and DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas (D) are allowing into our nation under their open- no-border policy:

  • 302 illegal alien sex offenders arrested as part of Operation SOAR (Sex Offender Arrest and Removal) but not deported
  • 24-year-old Honduran illegal alien who stabbed to death the father of a family in Florida that he was staying with after entering the country by claiming he was a 17-year-old
  • Ernesto Lopez Morales, an illegal alien from Guatemala, who was arrested after a hit-and-run that killed a 5-year-old girl

Nothing Definitive, Still

The Joe Biden (D) portion of the Biden-Harris Presidency has decided to nominate Jerome Powell for a second term as Federal Reserve System Chairman. Lael Brainard, current member of the Fed’s Board of Governors, was in close contention for the nomination.


Biden will nominate Brainard to become the vice chair of the central bank’s board of governors.

Splitting the baby, so everyone gets a participation trophy.

Typical of Progressive-Democrats.

Happy Thanksgiving

I first posted this in 2011.  I think it bears repeating today.

Today I thought I’d share some thoughts on the matter offered by other folks who are a bit more articulate than I.  In the meantime, be thankful for who we are and where we are: whatever straits in which we find ourselves, we’re orders of magnitude better off than most everyone else in the world.

Government Control of the Means of Production

And it begins with Government control of the means of financing the means of production (among other things to be financed).

The acting head of the US’s top banking regulator called for banks to be screened for climate risk as part of their periodic stress tests and said the agency’s own regulatory approach was focused on maintaining the safety and soundness of the financial system.
“Banks face all sorts of risks everyday—credit risk, market risk, liquidity risk,” said Michael Hsu, acting comptroller of the currency. “What’s emerging now is that climate change is going to be impacting a number of those risks in different ways, and we need banks to prepare for that.”

He Said It Out Loud

While using the subject of reparations and the claimed need for them, as his tool, Congressman Jamaal Bowman (D, NY) said the truth out loud.

When you analyze the landscape of the country, and when you see the leaders of our corporations, the CEOs, the majority of the presidents of this country, and when you look at who in this nation has wealth and power and influence and it doesn’t represent you, that is a trauma in and of itself[.]

The Left’s Disdain

…for those who would die to defend us and our liberties and rights and duties, including the Left’s right to be dangerously stupid, is reaching into our military.

US Army servicemembers who refuse to receive the COVID-19 vaccine…will be barred from “reenlistment, reassignment, promotion, appearance before a semi-centralized promotion board, issuance of awards and decorations,” and other policies, Army Secretary Christine Wormuth said in a memo this week.
Soldiers who continue to refuse vaccinate will ultimately face discharge from the Army. Both the US Navy and the US Marine Corps have implemented similar policies.

“It’s Paid For”

That’s the Biden-Harris reconciliation bill that the House passed a version of Friday morning that’s “paid for.” And, no, that’s not Joe Biden’s quote—he said the bill would cost zero, which of course contradicts the headline quote, there being nothing for which to pay.

It’s Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen who said that when the CBO report on the bill was published before the House vote. Here’s her claim as cited by yahoo!news:

[T]he Built Back Better (BBB) Act is “fully paid for, and in fact will reduce our nation’s debt over time….”

What the CBO said, in summary:

In Which VP Harris Has It Right

Just not in the way she means. Following the acquittal of Kyle Rittenhouse of all charges in the Kenosha riot shooting case, the Kamala Harris (D) half of the Biden-Harris Presidency said this:

The verdict really speaks for itself[.]
As many of you know, I’ve spent the majority of my career working to make the criminal justice system more equitable, and clearly there’s a lot more to do[.]

She’s right, of course. The shootings wanted, as a matter of course, a careful and thorough investigation. Either that was not done—a lot more to do in our justice system—or the prosecutors ignored the results of a careful and thorough investigation and brought the case to trial, anyway—a lot more work to do in our justice system.

Winning the War with the PRC

Retired US Navy Captain and current Telemus Group Vice President Jerry Hendrix expresses considerable dismay over our Navy’s shrinking air combat reach, and it’s entirely justified.

In 1996 the range of the carrier’s air wing was about 800 nautical miles. By 2006 that figure had dropped to 500 miles. Meanwhile, China has developed antiship missiles like the Dong Feng-21, the “carrier killer,” with a range of 1,000 miles.

He concluded his op-ed with this: