Clinton and TPP

Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has decided she doesn’t like the TransPacific Partnership free trade pact just agreed and now before the Senate for acceptance or rejection.

As of today, I am not in favor of what I have learned about it[.]

Just what is it she thinks she’s learned about it that the rest of us aren’t allowed to know—since the text of the agreement hasn’t been published, yet? Or is she just another Know Better Democrat?

Oh, wait….

If Obama Had an Uncle

University of Pennsylvania Religious Studies Professor Anthea Butler (Religious Studies, yet) says Republican Presidential candidate Dr Ben Carson is a coon.

Carson committed the crime of saying some things should be left to the people involved with the things to decide. On the recent controversy over the Confederate flag, he said,

Swastikas are a symbol of hate for some people too…and yet they still exist in our museums and places like that,” Carson said during an event with Richard Petty in North Carolina last Monday. “If it’s a majority of people in that area who want it to fly, I certainly wouldn’t take it down.

Black Lives Matter

Plainly, though, as this image (via the StarTribune) from the Black Lives Matter Die-In which the BLM movement staged at Minneapolis, MN’s Twin Cities Marathon clearly demonstrate, only black lives matter. Notice: in this BLM demonstration, white guys are dead. Black lives are thriving and enjoying the scenery.BlackLivesMatter

Or it’s a satire on the whole BLM bigotry foolishness, and BLM got punked.


h/t Power Line

Democrats’ Habit of Ruling by Fiat

Keep in mind President Barack Obama’s penchant for Executive Orders and Executive Actions whenever he can’t get his way with Congress, our elected representatives—and so whenever he can’t get his way with us. He issues these EOs and EAs, sometimes strictly legally and sometimes unconstitutionally, but nearly always in contravention of the will of Congress—of us.

Now we get Hillary Clinton’s (Democratic Presidential candidate) plans for when she’s President. Using gun control, that long-time Democratic Party attack on our 2nd Amendment, as her venue, Clinton intends to “use executive authority”—EOs and EAs, governance by fiat in the finest Democratic Party tradition—as the centerpiece of her Presidency.

Free Speech

So long as the government determines what’s free to be said.

There’s this American rock band, all of whose members are of Asian heritage, who call themselves The Slants. When they tried to trademark their name, the US Patent Office refused, claiming the name is “disparaging.” The matter is now before the US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, which is the appellate court that hears such cases. The Court is hearing the matter en banc, or the whole court is handling the appeal instead of the usual three-judge panel.

The government is censoring naming. At oral argument,

Mass Shooting and Gun “Control”

President Barack Obama, in his crocodile tears speech after the Oregon shooting, called for some statistics on gun control and gun deaths. Here’s one under a surprisingly misleading headline by The Wall Street Journal.

The researchers counted 23 mass shootings in 13 European nations plus Russia from 2000 to 2014, with a total of 203 deaths. During that time, the US saw 133 shootings and 487 dead….

Twenty-three mass shootings averaged almost nine deaths per mass shooting. In the US, the 133 mass shootings averaged a bit over three and a half.

Of Course Not

David Cameron, British Prime Minister, has added his lack of understanding regarding Russia and Syria to President Barack Obama’s. He chimed in with this:

It’s absolutely clear that Russia is not discriminating between ISIL and the legitimate Syrian opposition groups. As a result they are actually backing the butcher Assad and helping him.

NSS. He is indeed not interested in killing terrorists. He really is in Syria to prop up his client Bashar al Assad.

And there’s the usual timidity of these two “leaders:”

Can’t Prepare?

Joe Olson, who retired in June as president of the Umpqua Community College told the Associated Press the school had three training exercises with local law agencies in the past two years, “but you can never be prepared for something like this.”

I won’t comment on the “training exercise” rate. This sort of preemptive giving up, though, ranks right up there with gun free zones as a major contributor to mass killings. Of course it’s possible to prepare for “something like this.” It just takes a willingness to conceive the possibilities from not waiting for the police who are only minutes away. Interminable minutes, during which the killing proceeds apace. Unless the true first responders—those who are already on scene—are allowed to defend themselves and allowed to exercise initiative.

Who Else?

President Obama, addressing Russian intervention in Syria at a White House press conference, said Tuesday Iran and Syria President Bashar Assad represented Russia’s entire coalition “and the rest of the world makes up ours.”

He had this bit, too:

This is not a contest between the US and Russia. We’re not going to make Syria a proxy war between Russia and the United States. Our battle is with ISIL.

Putin is using it as part of the contest between Russia and us; he’s using Syria as one front of his proxy war with us.

The Obama Administration

…is targeting another Republican, this time with criminal intent. President Barack Obama’s Secret Service was sufficiently dismayed about being caught at and exposed for their misbehaviors and incompetences by Senator Jason Chaffetz (R, UT), House Oversight Committee Chairman, that Secret Service Assistant Director Ed Lowry suggested that Chaffetz should be targeted with “leaked” personal information of a suitably embarrassing nature. Lowry wrote an email to Deputy Assistant Director Faron Paramore:

Some information that he might find embarrassing needs to get out. Just to be fair[.]