A California Judge Has Spoken

Recall California Proposition 22, which exempted Uber Technologies Inc, Lyft Inc, and DoorDash Inc from a California state gig law that, in essence, requires businesses to reclassify their gig associates from independent contractors to employees. That proposition was passed overwhelmingly by the citizens of California.

A California state judge ruled last Friday that the proposition was unconstitutional and so unenforceable. His rationale:

Superior Court Judge Frank Roesch said in Friday’s ruling that Proposition 22 limits the state legislature’s authority and its ability to pass future legislation, which is unconstitutional.

Next Steps

In the aftermath of the disaster that is the Biden Retrograde from Afghanistan, there will be much bodice ripping, teeth gnashing, and some actually serious analysis of lessons to be learned and what should be done from those lessons.

There will be many such adjustments; these are key in my pea brain.

A Strategic Adjustment

One lesson that we fail repeatedly to learn, but which is no less important for that, is to clearly define—before entering into any conflict, however major or minor, and whether economic, political, or shooting—what our victory conditions are. But it’s not enough to say “We win, they lose;” although that makes a good summation. But it does our businessmen, politicians, or especially our soldiers no good to leave it at that.

Biden’s Protection

President Joe Biden (D) is the subject of some low key, small chit-chat of removal by Article 25 action.

That’s unlikely, and it’s not the existence of Kamala Harris (D) as Vice President that is Biden’s job security. No, it’s the position of Vice President and that office’s role that is Biden’s job security.

If Biden is removed, and Harris sworn in as our new President, who will be the new Vice President?

I suggest no one. The new Vice President would need to go through the nomination and Senate confirmation process. There’ll be a tie vote in the Senate on that nominee, and with no sitting Vice President to break the tie, the confirmation will fail.

Progressive-Democrat Controls over Individuals’ Lives

Here are some of those controls that are buried deep within the bowels of the so-called infrastructure bill just rammed through the senate.

mandate for vehicle manufactures to install “drunk and impaired driving prevention technology” as a standard feature inside of new vehicles

Because all of us are simply too grindingly stupid to make our own decisions about drinking and driving. This is amply proven by the one or two among us who are so stupid, so we all must pay the price.

The Left is On the Move

…especially their political arm, the Progressive-Democratic Party.

President Joe Biden (D) has signed an Executive Order requiring all vehicle sales in the US to be electrically powered. Biden will masquerade his EO as “nonbinding.”

Sure. If he and his cronies in Congress didn’t intend for it to be binding, Biden would use his bully pulpit as President to stump for electrification of our vehicles. Instead, he’s going the cudgel route, covered by his velvet.

A Tale Told Of Idiots

This time, it’s a New York Post Late City Final image that exposes the idiots.

This is the basis of the Biden administration’s and Rochelle “Sobbing Doomsayer” Walensky-managed CDC’s manufactured panic and raison d’être for their attempt to reassert their personal control over average Americans‘ lives.

Utterly Illegal

And the Progressive-Democrats don’t care. They have the power, so they don’t need any stinking authority, and they’re going ahead: with censorship of what average Americans are allowed to say, even allowed to know.

The White House announced their efforts with Facebook to take aggressive action on problematic social media posts. The administration said they would work to flag and censor anything they deemed to be disinformation about COVID-19.

Biden’s Surgeon General Dr Vivek Murthy:

We expect more from our technology companies. We’re asking them to operate with greater transparency and accountability. We are asking them to monitor misinformation more closely.

There are Jobs…

There are Jobs…

…and there are jobs.

AFL-CIO Secretary-Treasurer Liz Shuler had this to say about President Joe Biden’s (D) “jobs” plan:

[He’s] doing a “masterful job aligning his cabinet secretaries in this messaging” about creating union jobs with taxpayer-funded infrastructure projects.

Notice that. Our tax payments are going to provide union jobs under the Biden plan, and this is a good thing, the union mucky-muck says.

No non-union jobs. No jobs funded by private enterprise in a free market economy. No hand-up type support for private enterprise to expand and create non-union (or union, come to that) jobs. Only government-funded union jobs for government-favored entities.

Compelling Interest and Racism

The Wall Street Journal‘s editors correctly decry President Joe Biden’s (D) race-based “equity” programs and diktats as taking our nation back to an ugly past.

By equity, Mr Biden means preferences for some racial groups over others to achieve equal outcomes.


Mr Biden sells his agenda as taking America into the future. But allocating government funds or privileges by race is a step back to an uglier past. … If applied on the scale Mr Biden hopes, America would become a nation of groups competing for racial spoils and defined outcomes rather than seeking equal opportunity for everyone.


Recall that Texas’ Progressive-Democrats scuttled out of the end of Texas’ last legislative session, and that in response to their misbehavior, Governor Greg Abbott said he’d veto the part of Texas’ budget appropriations that funded the legislature. Last Friday, Abbott did precisely that.

Texans don’t run from a legislative fight, and they don’t walk away from unfinished business. Funding should not be provided for those who quit their job early, leaving their state with unfinished business and exposing taxpayers to higher costs for an additional legislative session. I therefore object to and disapprove of these appropriations.