It’s a Start

Congresswoman Claudia Tenney (R, NY) has proposed three things that need to be done in response to the antisemitic bigotry and pro-terrorist disruptions currently running rampant at colleges and universities across our nation.

  • go[] after nonprofits that are funding the protests
  • go[] after the tax status of universities that do not crack down on the protests
  • hold[] students and professors accountable for the protests

Regarding what constitutes holding folks accountable, Tenney added this:

Expel these students, deport the students who are foreign students who are acting in this way, and get rid of the professors.



There are two things that need to be added to Tenney’s list. One is to cut off all Federal transfers to those colleges and universities: all subsidies, all research or other grants, all student loan guarantees. Don’t just stop with tax status moves.

The other thing is to actually do these four things. A Critical Item first step here is to get relevant legislation proposed in both houses of Congress. And then follow through on that legislation.

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