“We’re Losing Taxpayers When We Need Them Most”

That’s what Congressman Tom Suozzi (D, NY) said on the House floor, with an absolutely straight face, as he was attempting to add the Progressive-Democrats’ current move to protect their rich constituents: repeal of the $10,000 SALT cap, which limits the State and Local Taxes that can be deducted from Federal income taxes.

The SALT limit only hits the rich, and it only hits those in Progressive-Democrat-run jurisdictions.

We’re losing taxpayers when we need them most.

They’re not human beings, citizens who pay taxes. They’re taxpayers. In particular, they’re rich taxpayers who happen to be human beings, citizens. Progressive-Democrats don’t care a fig about their citizen-constituents, and they’re especially not really protective of their wealthiest citizen-constituents.

Tyranny of the Left

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti (D) says he’ll cut off the power and water to those homes and businesses

that are in violation of gathering regulations as a means to “shut these places down permanently.”
“By turning off that power, shutting off that water we feel we can close these places down, which usually are not one-time offenders but multiple-offenders[.]”

Never mind that draconian lockdowns damage the economy to the point of doing more harm than the Wuhan Virus. Garcetti, in addition to permanently destroying businesses—and the lives of those business’ owners, operators, and employees—fully intends to destroy homes and homeowners, also.

Not Averted

The US Judicial Conference’s Committee on Codes of Conduct says it has decided to drop its attempt at a rule banning from consideration as judges anyone who ever was a member of The Federalist Society.

Some are touting this as a victory and “judicial mischief averted.”

Not a bit of it; nothing has been averted. The Codes of Conduct committee has just taken its attempt to politicize our courts underground.

Hong Kong Semi-Autonomy

Here’s another hint. In the ongoing dispute between the US and the People’s Republic of China—the latest example of which is the lack of US visa renewals for PRC journalists—Hu Xijin, Editor-in-Chief of Chinese and English editions of the PRC State organ Global Times, had this:

From what I know, given that the US side hasn’t renewed visa of Chinese journalists, Chinese side has prepared for the worst scenario that all Chinese journalists have to leave the US. If that’s the case, Chinese side will retaliate, including targeting US journalists based in HK[]

Full Circle

Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance filed a new brief urging the Federal court in which he pleads District cases to allow him to execute his subpoenas for years of records regarding Trump businesses.

Vance is relying to an amazing degree on newspaper claims.

Court documents cited articles by The Wall Street Journal…and by the Washington Post….

Imagine that. Newspapers make unsubstantiated claims, which draw clicks to their outlets. Then prosecutors with axes to grind start manufacturing civil and criminal cases based on those newspaper articles, gaining political street cred for their ambitions. Then those newspapers write extensively about those civil and criminal cases as they develop, gaining yet more clicks for their outlets.

Lies of Progressive-Democrats

Progressive-Democratic Party Presidential candidate Joe Biden has a record of lying to the public, and Molly Hemingway has called him out for it.

Biden has claimed to have been

arrested in apartheid-era South Africa three decades ago when trying to visit Nelson Mandela.

Biden has…misled… the public regarding

the circumstances of his family’s fatal [1972] car wreck that his [first wife, sons and daughter were] in.

Biden had to leave a Presidential campaign over his having been caught plagiarizing speeches given by Margaret Thatcher and Neil Kinnock.

It’s not just Biden, though.

Condemning Extremist Violence

At Tuesday’s Senate Judiciary Committee Subcommittee on the Constitution hearing on the role of Antifa and other violent groups in the current rioting, Subcommittee chairman Ted Cruz (R, TX) condemned the Progressive-Democrats (my term) on the subcommittee for not condemning the extremist violence, including specifically one of the groups that was a subject of the hearing, Antifa.

Ranking Member Mazie Hirono (D, HI) responded with

[H]ow many times have I had to say that we all should be denouncing violent extremists of every stripe.

To which Cruz asked

Does that include Antifa?

To which Hirono responded

Unlawful Delay?

The Hong Kong Bar Association says the People’s Republic of China government’s move to delay Hong Kong’s legislature elections by a year “may be unlawful.”

They are mistaken; the delay is not unlawful. Unlawfulness presumes that there are laws to be broken. In a nation that rules by law—as opposed nations that operate under the principle of rule of law—any law is what the men of the People’s Republic of China government say it is. And they’ll adjust the text of a law, or rescind one or write a new one, at whim to suit their whims.

Some Violence Statistics

Here are a couple of graphs, via The Wall Street Journal.

Of these 15 cities, Austin, Chicago, Phoenix, Philadelphia, Houston, New York, Columbus, Los Angeles, Charlotte, Dallas, and San Jose all have Democrat mayors. Eleven of the 15 largest cities are experiencing very large per centage increases in total homicides compared to the prior year—the year before the outbreak of rioting and looting. Only two of the 15—Democrat-run, to be sure, have experienced a per centage drop in homicides.

Here’s another graph.


Congresswoman Karen Bass (D, CA) now denies she’s a Castro simpática.

What Bass said when Fidel Castro died—in 2016, mind you—was this:

I wish to express my condolences to the Cuban people and the family of Fidel Castro. The passing of the comandante en jefe is a great loss to the people of Cuba.

Now she’s claiming

…she did not realize the impact she would have by referring to Castro as commander in chief of Florida’s Cuban exile community.