Denver Isn’t That Furious

Denver’s Progressive-Democrat Mayor Mike Johnson is upset that the Federal government didn’t solve his biggest civic problem. When the Senate voted down the Federal bill in question, he posted on Instagram,

Today is a day the residents of Denver should be heartbroken. And they should be furious because we know we have a humanitarian crisis in this city[.]

Aside: Caldwell and Hackman had this in their piece at the link:

This city of 713,000 people has absorbed nearly 40,000 migrants in a little over a year, more per capita than any other US city.

Another Progressive-Democrat State Government…

…favors illegal aliens over its citizens. New York is opening State government jobs to illegal aliens.

New York is allowing migrants with federal work authorization to apply for thousands of temporary government jobs, [Progressive-]Democratic Governor Kathy Hochul said.


I have 10,000 openings in the New York State workforce. These are all legal people.

They’re legal only in a very narrow, legalistic sense. They’re illegal aliens who’ve been—wrongly, I claim—granted temporary work permits.

Hochul also is lowering the requirement to have at least a minimal education, a minimal English language proficiency, and appropriate certifications as criteria for getting these jobs. In sum, she’s extending diversity hire ideology to include illegal aliens.

A “Misunderstanding”

The Wall Street Journal‘s editors spent a lot of ink and pixels on their editorial regarding the “jostling” between Texas’ Republican Governor Greg Abbott and our nation’s Progressive-Democrat President Joe Biden over Abbott’s moves regarding Eagle Pass, the city’s Shelby Park, and the associated stretch of our border with Mexico. They included, though, this bit of…misunderstanding…of the underlying condition along our southern border:

If migrants who have walked 1,000 miles qualify as an invading army….

Bipartisan Border Failure

The Progressive-Democrats running the Senate offered, in return for funding for Ukraine, Israel, and the Republic of China, money for border “security.” Disappointingly, too many Republican Senators agreed to this sucker deal, and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D, NY) has committed to a cloture vote on the thing this week. Hopefully (forlornly), the bill will fail the cloture vote.

Senator James Lankford (R, OK), the lead Republican negotiator for this bill, is especially disappointing in his failure to negotiate effectively and his subsequent meek acquiescence to it.

This is part of what’s in the bill:

Eric Adams’ Duplicity

Or it’s the incompetence of New York City’s Progressive-Democratic mayor, Eric Adams.

After warning that a surge in illegal arrivals to the Big Apple would “destroy New York City” and blaming the influx for prompting budget cuts, New York City Democratic Mayor Eric Adams reportedly plans to provide illegal alien families with pre-paid credit cards.

A key aspect of Adams’ scheme:

The plan will begin with a $53 million pilot program targeting the migrant residents of the Roosevelt Hotel. Run through Mobility Capital Finance, the pilot plan will provide 500 families with an Immediate Response Card for use on food and infant care supplies.

Lies of a Progressive-Democrat President

This batch centers on our southern border and the flooding illegal alien crisis (which includes an unknown number of violent criminals; drug and sex-trafficking mules; and worse, terrorists and enemy nations’ special operations soldiers). Progressive-Democrat President Joe Biden:

I’ve done all I can do. Just give me the power. I’ve asked from the very day I got into office[.]

House Speaker Mike Johnson (R, LA) exposed Biden’s lies.

Even a Progressive-Democrat…

…is starting to figure it out.

A Chicago Democrat running for the Illinois House is calling out Mayor Brandon Johnson for allowing migrants to “invade” the Windy City.

Fox & Friends co-host Lawrence Jones did a walk-along with Smith, who showed Jones

two shuttered buildings now sheltering migrants—an academy for young women and a health center that once serviced patients struggling financially. Smith said both were closed due to lack of funds.
“You tell us that there’s no funding or the lack of funding. But then you bring migrants in and make them shelters. That’s not the American way,” Smith said.
“They have the funding. And every now and then they say, ‘Hey, we found more millions, we found more money.'”

A Department of Veterans Affairs Fail

Yet another in an appallingly long list of Veterans Affairs fails.

This time it’s the VA’s conscious decision to deprecate, if not outright ignore, our nation’s veterans and to give priority access to limited resources to illegal aliens instead. Yes, yes, they signed a contract with ICE to do this, but they were not forced to do so. Here’s Senator Marsha Blackburn (R, TN):

Governor Crybaby

Now it’s Illinois’ Progressive-Democrat Governor JB Pritzker who’s joining the Greek Chorus (and giving a bad name to Greek Choruses) with his bodice-ripping (not that I mix metaphors, or anything) sobbing about all the illegal aliens coming into Democratic states, Democratic cities.

We have migrants that arrive from Texas virtually every day, hundreds, and we don’t have places to put them.

This is the first of his cynical tear-jerks. Texas hasn’t transported a single migrant to Illinois, or to anywhere else, come to that. Texas has transported illegal aliens—every one of whom makes the trip voluntarily—to Illinois and to other places.

Immigration TBD Notices

The Supreme Court is considering a case involving an illegal alien who was…paroled…into the US on his promise to appear in court for his asylum hearing on the specified date, which was named as TBD on his release/parole paper. Later, when a date came open, the illegal alien was emailed his date certain, and when he didn’t appear, he was tracked down, arrested, and is in deportation hearing status. The illegal alien claims he never got the emailed notice, and his case has wound up before the Supremes.