Revised Rules

Jack Dorsey has them for his Twitter. In response to the blowup over his (and Mark Zuckerberg’s over at Facebook) decision to censor the New York Post‘s reporting on emails found on a laptop allegedly belonging to Hunter Biden and seeming to indicate connections among Hunter, his business efforts in Ukraine and the People’s Republic of China, and his father Progressive-Democratic Party Presidential candidate Joe Biden—or more likely in response to the pending subpoena compelling his sworn testimony in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee next week regarding his censorship—Dorsey had his legal, policy and trust & safety lead, Vijaya Gadde, announce some unspecified changes. Dorsey also said through her, though, that

Racism in K-12 Schools

It’s rampant in the San Diego Unified School District, even as it claims to be “combatting racism.”

Students will no longer be graded based on a yearly average, or on how late they turn in assignments. …
… Board members say the changes are part of a larger effort to combat racism.

Because most of the poor grades went to minority students, and figuring out why that might be and fixing the underlying problem(s) isn’t something for an educational institution to concern itself with.

Things like turning work in on time and classroom behavior will now instead count towards a student’s citizenship grade, not their academic grade.


Or maybe it’s the quote of the week. Or the month. Or the year.

It seems that

[a]t least 44 schools in San Francisco could see their names changed, as officials believe some were named after those with potential connections to slavery, genocide, and colonization, according to a report on Thursday.
The San Francisco School Names Advisory Committee researched school names and identified certain ones for renaming.

The move isn’t sitting well with the folks and their children who will have to live with the outcome of this move. Here’s one concerned parent:


It’s not from the Right, nor even from the extremists on the Right or the Left.

No, the Mainstream Left and it’s carried through politically by the Left’s Progressive-Democratic Party; they have a virtual monopoly on divisiveness.  Here are just a few examples, provided by Jim DeMint in a slightly different, but related context. DeMint suggests these are from the radical Left, but he’s mistaken in that. The Left and Party have moved so far left that these positions are, in fact, their mainstream.

Joe Biden’s “Protestors”

Portland’s rioters were at it again Sunday, this time tearing down statues of Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt and smashing windows. And this:

One person could be heard saying, “F— all you colonizers. Every one of you that’s against Black Lives Matter can f— the f— off.”

This is the same BLM that Progressive-Democratic Party Presidential candidate Joe Biden refuses to condemn, or even to gently criticize.

Keep it in mind as you vote.

“Sorting Error”

Fifty thousand Franklin County, OH, voters were mailed the wrong ballots last week. It was a scanner sorting error. That’s what the county’s Board of Elections claimed last Friday.

The affected voters in Franklin County received ballots meant for residents elsewhere in the county and so contained incorrect information for local races[.]

That’s an interesting error. The local post office doing final sorting for the local final delivery routes didn’t notice the misaddressed envelopes? The mailman doing the actual final delivery didn’t notice the misaddressed envelopes as he put them in recipients’ mail boxes?

Racism of the Progressive-Democratic Party—Again

Progressive-Democratic Party Presidential candidate Joe Biden is at it again. Here’s another example of his utter contempt (not hatred, mind you) for blacks.

They’re saying, “Jeeze, the reason I was able to stay sequestered in my home is because some Black woman was able to stack the grocery shelf. Or a young Hispanic is out there, these dreamers are out there, 60,000 of them acting as first responders and nurses and docs.”

Not only are blacks incapable of thinking independently, as Biden said—twice—earlier in comparing them with Hispanics, now he’s saying they’re not even capable of doing anything more complex than shelf-stacking; certainly not capable of being first responders, nurses, doctors.

The Racism of the Left

Separate from the segregationist identity politics so loudly practiced by the Left and its Progressive-Democratic Party is this. The Supreme Court has agreed to hear two Arizona voting cases

Arizona Republican Party v Democratic National Committee and Brnovich v Democratic National Committee involving Arizona election laws that ban ballot harvesting and voting in other precincts.

As the Editorial Board puts it [emphasis added],


Scott Gottlieb and Yuval Levin had an uproar in their knickers in their Sunday op-ed in The Wall Street Journal.

The two center their piece on the failure of President Donald Trump, et al., to take precautions satisfactory to Gottlieb and Levin to minimize their chances of getting the Wuhan Virus. The money quote in their piece, though—from my perspective—is this:

For months, some of them condoned nonchalance about the virus, mocking precautions such as wearing masks as marks of weakness and dismissing public-health concerns as overwrought.

Lies of the Progressive-Democrat

Progressive-Democratic Party Presidential candidate Joe Biden has been busy….

Falsely claimed wrote a USA Today op-ed in late January warning that a pandemic was coming and calling for action

Washington Post:

The article itself was more of an attack on President Trump…than a detailed plan for action against a possible pandemic

Falsely claimed 36,000 lives could have been saved “if he had listened to me…and acted just one week earlier”

Washington Post:

[H]e did not specifically call for social-distancing measures as early as March 1 or even March 8, though he implies that he did