Policy and Commenting

First rule: it’s my blog; my rules.

Second rule: there are no appeals.

Third rule: no flames.  Keep it civil.  I’ll delete comments–and posts, when I open that up to a select few–that I find objectionable, and it’s my definition of “objectionable.”  If you really have trouble understanding the boundaries, you probably won’t last here.  Argue with commenters and posters with all the enthusiasm that’s warranted, but address the subjects raised, not the person raising them.  And you’ll have a stronger argument if you supply hard facts and actual logic, rather than making a string of unsubstantiated claims.  This is an opinion blog as much as anything, so opinions are entirely appropriate.  But try to support them.

Fourth rule: I’m not responsible for the content.  Everyone who posts here does so at their own risk.  Everyone who reads here does so at their own risk.  Everyone who acts on anything at all that appears here does so at their own risk.

Fifth Rule: When you comment or post here, I own the content of your comments and posts, and I’m free to use them in any way I see fit.  I will attempt to attribute what I use, but I do not guarantee that.



I require that commenters create an account with email addresses so as to cut down on spam–the registration maximizes the likelihood that a commenter is a human.  However, an email address will not be sold, given, or in any way transferred to another party without the address owner’s permission, with one exception: if a government representative knocks on my door with the appropriate court order, I’ll have no alternative but to give up an email address.