Are Some Jews More Important than Other Jews?

The home of Progressive-Democrat Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (NY) was visited by anti-Israel, pro-HamasPalestinian protestors the other night. They were arrested.

This is while those same anti-Israel, pro-HamasPalestinian protestors (not the same bodies, of course, but the same kind of terrorist-supporting “protestors”) are busily shutting down college and university campuses in Schumer’s New York as well as Ivy League campuses around the northeast and colleges and universities across our nation. Those same “protestors,” while doing their disruptive (not protest-y) things, are zealously threatening Jewish students, chanting their threats of destruction, actively blocking Jewish—and all other—students from attending the classes for which they and their parents paid several pretty pennies to have access to.

This is the same Jewish Majority Leader who has called for regime change in Israel because he doesn’t like the way the Israelis are fighting for their existence against Hamas terrorists.

Schumer didn’t want to talk about the protests at his house or the differential treatment of those “protesting” the schools vs those operating at his house.

Schumer did not respond directly to the arrests or protests, but referred to an earlier comment on the protests happening at college campuses nationwide….
“College campuses must be places of learning and discussion,” Schumer said in his statement. “Every American has a right to protest, but when protests shift to antisemitism, verbal abuse, intimidation, or glorification of October 7 violence against Jewish people, that crosses the line. Campuses must remain safe for all students.”

Empty words, since he’s attempting nothing to back them up.

However, when you’re a Progressive-Democrat Senator from New York and the sitting Senate Majority Leader, it seems that yes, some Jews are more important than others.

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