The subheadline illustrates the misunderstanding of where responsibility lies.

School officials reap what their politically monoculture faculties have sown.

The WSJ‘s editors then went on about how those thinking antisemitic bigotry are exaggerating are mistaken, pointing out in their examples the rampant antisemitic bigotry on college campuses.

Antisemitism has too often been tolerated within Near Eastern Studies departments. On October 8, 2023, Columbia professor Joseph Massad praised the “awesome” scenes of the October 7 massacre “witnessed by millions of jubilant Arabs.” In 2018 Columbia professor Hamid Dabashi posted on Twitter (now X) that “Every dirty treacherous ugly and pernicious act happening in the world” could soon be traced to “the ugly name of Israel.”

A Vote For Terrorism

Last Thursday, the House voted on HR 1143, Condemning Iran’s unprecedented drone and missile attack on Israel, a Resolution developed in consequence of Iran’s firing of more than 300 missiles, rockets, and drones at Israel intending to inflict death and destruction on Israelis. The attack was executed, Iran claims, to exact revenge for an IDF execution of two of Iran’s senior terrorist generals, but it was also done to support Iran’s satrap Hamas’ own war of extermination against Israel. The Resolution passed 404-14, with 13 more Representatives not voting.

Here are the Representatives who voted against the Resolution.

Some Progressive-Democrats…

…are beginning to rue the consequences of their Party’s no borders policies. But only a couple seem willing to say so out loud. The Chicago City Council’s Budget and Government Operations Committee voted 20-8 to move Progressive-Democrat Mayor Brandon Johnson’s wish for $70 million for illegal alien support to the Council floor for debate and voting up. (Aside: is there political featherbedding here? 28 Council members on the Budget Committee out of 50 members on the whole Council.)

Progressive-Democrat 29th Ward Alderman Chris Taliaferro is one of only two of those eight willing to demur from this vocally.

A Governor Betrays our Children

Kansas’ Progressive-Democrat Governor Laura Kelly has vetoed a bill that would have banned gender surgeries and hormone treatments for minors. Her rationalization:

targets a small group of Kansans by placing government mandates on them and dictating to parents how to best raise and care for their children. I do not believe that is a conservative value, and it’s certainly not a Kansas value.

A small group: leave aside the Left’s mantra (apparently only when convenient) of “if it saves just one life….” Protecting children from mutilation that’s far too often crippling as well isn’t a conservative value?

Instagram’s Nudes

Meta’s—Mark Zuckerberg’s—Instagram says they will, under certain circumstances, start blurring nude images sent over its program.

Instagram is now taking a meaningful step to contain the problem, by automatically detecting and blurring nudes in its direct-messaging service.

Whoopty-do. There’s this:

Apple stopped short of notifying parents if children under the age of 13 viewed or sent nudes, because of potential privacy issues. Instagram also won’t notify parents.

Meta still is insisting it’s a better steward of child safety than are the child’s parents. So is Apple. Typical arrogance, and unacceptable.

Another Example…

…of the racist and sexist bigotry of the Biden administration.

The Biden administration’s Department of Agriculture has begun making disaster relief funding contingent on the race and sex of the disaster sufferer.

[T]he Biden administration has taken roughly $25 billion in disaster and pandemic aid approved by Congress for farmers in eight programs and devised a system to make awards based on race, gender, or other “socially disadvantaged” traits.

Texas farmers have filed suit to block this USDA move, noting that the

Progressive-Democratic Party Selling Out Israel

Progressive-Democrat Senator Elizabeth Warren (MA) wants to deny Israel F-15 fighters—in the middle of Israel’s war for survival against a Hamas and Islamic Jihad of Palestine’s effort to exterminate that nation. She’s gaslighting Americans with her premise that Israel is somehow responsible for the destruction and death that the terrorists are inflicting through their use of Gazan civilians as shields for the terrorists, and the terrorists’ use of civilian residences, schools, mosques and churches, and hospitals as cover for the terrorists’ weapons caches, launching sites, and command centers.

Nor is Warren’s move an isolated incident. It’s typical of the Progressive-Democratic Party’s sellout.

Again, I Ask

The subheadline of a Wall Street Journal editorial concerning Progressive-Democrat President Joe Biden’s pushing Ukraine to stop hitting inside Russia, particularly Russia’s oil refineries, says it al.

The White House fears attacks on refineries inside Russia could raise global prices.

In the body of the editorial:

…the Biden Administration had urged Ukraine to halt its campaign targeting Russian refineries and warned that “the drone strikes risk driving up global oil prices and provoking retaliation.”

Deals with Terrorists

Progressive-Democrat President Joe Biden is applying ever increasing pressure on Israel to reach an agreement with the terrorist Hamas regarding cease fires and hostages. This extends to his telecon with Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu late last week, using the IDF’s screwup (an amazingly rare occurrence, illustrating the IDF’s amazing skill at minimizing civilian casualties, a skill that is amazingly ignored by the press and by Biden and his SecState) as his latest excuse for pressuring Israel.

President Biden urged Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to work out the issue during a phone call Thursday. He also called for an immediate cease-fire and for Netanyahu to empower his negotiators to reach a deal, according to US officials.

Coerced Abortion

Kansas’ House Bill 2436, as amended by the Senate (the Supplemental Note was incorporated), was then passed by the House 82-37 and by the Senate 27-11. With unusual clarity for politicians, the definitions of Coercion and of Financial harm are defined in the bill with crystalline clarity.

The bill would make it a felony to coerce a pregnant woman into having an abortion through physical or financial threats….

Now it’s before Kansas’ Progressive-Democrat Governor Laura Kelly, who is dithering over whether to sign it.

How is there even a question about this? Leave aside the baby’s right to its life, whatever happened—in Kelly’s mind—to a woman’s control over her own body?