Government Convenience

The Federal government’s Securities and Exchange Commission is vacuuming every scrap of data—including personally identifiable—on every single stock trade done by every single American, and it’s collecting these data from every single broker, exchange, clearing agency, and alternative trading system in the US.

It’s also doing this without any Congressional authorization to do so. The New Civil Liberties Alliance has filed suit to attempt to block the SEC from continuing and to get the SEC’s Consolidated Audit Trail, the mechanism by which the SEC collects and stores these ill-gotten data, completely eliminated. Peggy Little, the NCLA’s Senior Litigation Counsel:


Columbia University’s managers have abjectly surrendered to terrorist supporters masquerading as pro-Palestinian demonstrators who are doing their best to prevent Jewish students from attending classes and to prevent Columbia from operating at all.

Columbia University was holding classes virtually Monday as protests over the Israel-Hamas war continue to engulf the campus.
Columbia president Minouche Shafik said she wanted to “deescalate the rancor and give us all a chance to consider next steps.”

The Toddler Caucus

This X thread says it all.

That was over the Friday-Saturday series of votes in the House.

Coherent Argument

Progressive-Democratic Senator Chris Murphy (CT) provides yet another example. He kindly provided his own Friday morning reminder that Progressive-Democrats are unable to form coherent arguments on policy, and so they engage in smear.

Murphy’s example:

Chris Murphy
Your Friday morning reminder that Republicans are full of shit when they complain about the border.
They killed the tough, bipartisan border security bill because Trump told them to keep the border a mess because it would help him politically.

A Vote For Terrorism

Last Thursday, the House voted on HR 1143, Condemning Iran’s unprecedented drone and missile attack on Israel, a Resolution developed in consequence of Iran’s firing of more than 300 missiles, rockets, and drones at Israel intending to inflict death and destruction on Israelis. The attack was executed, Iran claims, to exact revenge for an IDF execution of two of Iran’s senior terrorist generals, but it was also done to support Iran’s satrap Hamas’ own war of extermination against Israel. The Resolution passed 404-14, with 13 more Representatives not voting.

Here are the Representatives who voted against the Resolution.

“We are obligated”

Apple has once again kowtowed to the demands of an enemy nation government: the People’s Republic of China instructed Apple to remove some of the world’s most popular chat messaging apps from its app store in the country. The offending apps include Meta Platforms’ WhatsApp and Threads and Signal and Telegram.

Apple promptly and meekly complied.

An anonymous Apple spokesman rationalized the obedience:

We are obligated to follow the laws in the countries where we operate, even when we disagree[.]

Stopping Fentanyl

Sultan Meghji, Frontier Foundry CEO and former Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation CIO, wants the government to use artificial intelligence packages to stop fentanyl at the border.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the Customs and Border Protection Agency (CBP) can leverage the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to identify the trucks, boats, and planes trying to sneak fentanyl into the country.
We must use this technology at the border and ports of entry (where nearly 85% of America’s fentanyl comes into the country,) when we have access to every vehicle coming in.

Joe Biden’s Tariffs

Progressive-Democrat President Joe Biden has raised the tariff on steel imports from The People’s Republic of China, a tariff former President Donald Trump initiated (although Trump badly diluted the effect and importance of the tariff by applying it against our allies, also). The Wall Street Journal‘s editors are in a bodice-ripping panic attack over Biden’s move.

Didn’t President Biden promise a better trade policy than his predecessor? Well, he now appears to be in a race with Donald Trump to be Protectionist in Chief. Witness his pitch for new tariffs at a campaign stop on Wednesday in Pittsburgh.

Financial Institutions Retreating from ESG Claptrap

Or are they? Are they, maybe, simply moving to disguise their ESG claptrap in other ways or only altering their rhetoric without materially altering their censorious behavior?

States have responded [to the explosion of ESG irrelevances] with a barrage of legislation that restricts the use of ESG factors or targets entities that boycott certain industries.
Financial institutions are reacting to these state-level actions with what appears to be a retreat from their commitment to ESG, but there are questions if they are changing or just regrouping the efforts under new names.

Concerns Regarding “Unreasonable” Searches

There are concerns that a bill under consideration in the House, the Fourth Amendment Is Not For Sale Act, goes too far in protecting us Americans from 4th Amendment violations by the government at the expense of our counterintelligence capabilities.

The bill…would ban the government from buying information on Americans from data brokers. This would include many things in the cloud of digital exhaust most Americans leave behind online, from information on the websites they visit to credit-card information, health information, and political opinions.

Worse, goes the argument, the bill