Peaceful Protesting, Portland Style

Several times the Portland police have had to declare a riot in progress in response to Portland’s peaceful protests and the peaceful protesters’ behavior. Saturday was the third time in a row.

Protesters broke into a building, set it on fire and started dumpster fires late Saturday night in Oregon’s largest city, police said….


On Saturday evening, two groups of antifa and Black Lives Matter rioters terrorized Portland, squaring off against police and federal troops. One group attacked the Portland Police Bureau’s North Precinct and the Portland Police Association (PPA)—the police union—while the other group targeted the federal courthouse and Justice Center, returning to set yet another bonfire at the ruins of the elk statue nearby. Antifa broke into the PPA and set it on fire.

The Kancel Kulture

Alexandra Duncan, an author, has canceled her own book just before publication. Duncan, an American author who happens to be white, had written a fictional tale in which there appeared scenes depicting an American who happened to be black, with Gullah heritage. She wrote the scenes from the American black’s perspective.

And that’s why she canceled her book.

My own limited worldview as a white person led me to think I could responsibly depict a character from this [Gullah] culture. …  I am deeply ashamed to have made a mistake of this magnitude.

What Makes Us Strong

…as a nation.  Jack Brewer, CEO of the Brewer Group and advisory board member for Black Voices for Trump (and an NFL great, but that’s a separate story) had some thoughts on this while talking about the short-sightedness of tearing things down rather than adding others to the physical symbolism set.

I think at some point in our country we have to remember what makes us so strong and that is our history and our Constitution. It’s the reason why slaves are actually free, it’s the reason why schools are integrated and it’s the reason why right now you’re seeing us be able to fight for so many rights like school choice, fighting against all these late-term abortions and so many other issues that have oppressed the born and the unborn.

On the Count of Three

…let’s all panic. One, two—oh, wait. It’s just the NLMSM trying to stampede us over Republican-run Florida’s increase in Wuhan Virus detections, a six-fold increase since early June. I’ll elide the positive-test rates being falsely inaccurately reported in so many counties.

Here are some inconvenient truths about that rise, though, from one of those actual experts Progressive-Democrats are so insistent we hear and obey. Just not one of their experts, but an actual expert.  Dr Charles Lockwood, Dean of the University of South Florida’s College of Medicine, is one such:

Experimenter Bias

There is a study newly released that purports to link willingness to honor social distance guidelines during the present Wuhan Virus situation to our mental capacity in retaining multiple pieces of potentially conflicting information in our head, which is referred to as working memory capacity.

What interests me isn’t so much the nature of this paper as an example of the publish or perish paradigm of what passes for scholarship in what passes for academia today. Nor is it the purported linkage.

It’s this claim by the lead author, Weizhen Xie, a postdoc at the National Institutes of Health:


It’s really gone too far—as if the first occurrence hadn’t already taken the false piety too far.

ESPN suspended NBA insider Adrian Wojnarowski a day after a profane email from him to Senator Josh Hawley [R, MO] was leaked to social media, according to multiple reports.
Outkick and the New York Post both reported that the basketball reporter was suspended. The newspaper reported he was suspended without pay. It was unclear how long the suspension is for.

Wojnarowski’s offense was the end of an exchange wherein Hawley had criticized the NBA’s timidity and hypocrisy regarding “pre-approved, social justice slogans” on jerseys after “censoring support” for law enforcement and criticism of the Chinese Communist Party. Wojnarowski’s response was a two-word crudity.

Dishonesty of the Press

The White House Press Corps has its collective panties bunched up again; this time the cause of their angst is White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany refusal to kowtow to them and her open disdain for their contemptible behavior.

Poor ABC News correspondent Jon Karl, who’s the current head of the WHPC wrote an op-ed for The Washington Post, complaining that she doesn’t run the daily press briefings in accordance with his preferences in the right way.

The job is to inform the public: to be an intermediary between the president and a press corps the public relies on for information….

A Thought on Kipp

Since I’m thinking about things today.

KIPP Public Schools is a nation-wide charter school organization that has had outsized success in teaching its students, as has virtually all charter and voucher schools and school organizations in the US.  It had a motto, Work Hard. Be Nice., which it scrapped in an attempt to pander to the woke gangs.

In defense of that move, Kipp Co-Founder Dave Levin wrote a Letter to The Wall Street Journal. Toward the end of that letter, Levin made the remarkable claim that

Hard work is essential. Character matters.

Identity Politics

Candace Owens had a thought on the Left’s (because I’m going to generalize her thought) contemptuous dismissal of black conservatives.

White liberals hate black conservatives because we don’t see ourselves as oppressed.
Fundamentally, because we view ourselves as their equals.
That’s the issue.

That’s the point, though, of the Left’s identity politics—to segregate people into artificially defined groups in order to keep those grouped people apart, the better to emphasize their need for the Left’s…guidance.

It’s Been Going On for a Year

This is what Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler, in a series of tweets, said so weakly about antifa on 2 July 2019 after that gang assaulted journalist Andy Ngo and others, putting them in the hospital:

Portland has always been a beacon of free speech. We are proud of that history.
— Mayor Ted Wheeler (@tedwheeler) July 1, 2019

But in the last couple of years, some have increasingly used their opportunity to exercise their 1st amendment rights, as an opportunity to incite violence.
— Mayor Ted Wheeler (@tedwheeler) July 1, 2019