Dithering Is as Dithering Does

No Labels, the political organization pretending to want to field a President/Vice President ticket in the upcoming race, is having trouble finding candidates to take them seriously.

Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie…indicated he didn’t plan to run with No Labels, which had been encouraging him to lead a “unity” presidential campaign….

So have Nikki Haley, Nikki Haley, Larry Hogan, and Joe Manchin.

And: former Republican North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory, No Labels co-chair, resigned from the organization earlier this month.

No Labels began its “campaign” this season by announcing proudly that it wouldn’t run a slate if that slate were to be a spoiler—of which main party candidate they declined to say. That announcement demonstrated its unseriousness, demonstrating as it did, that the organization wasn’t prepared to run seriously, not even as seriously as Ross Perot, or even the Republican Party of the 1850s. So began its pretense.

Then the organization dithered for months over in which States they’d try to get on the ballot first, whether or not they had a ticket.

Then the organization dithered for months after that over which potential candidates they’d approach for joining their ticket.

Then, with all that dithering and unseriousness, when they started actually talking to candidates, all those folks said no.

This is not an organization that’s ready for prime time. Or even for AA ball.

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