Rewarding Illegal Aliens for their Illegality

Recall that the New York legislature is pushing legislation that would allow [prison] inmates to collect around $400 each month over six months once they leave prison.

New York City’s Progressive-Democrat Mayor Eric Adams just said, “Hold my beer.”

Officials in New York City have begun giving out prepaid debit cards to migrant families residing in the Big Apple.
The first batch of debit cards, which are reportedly meant to be used by the illegal immigrants to purchase food and baby supplies, were handed out Monday to a handful of migrant families in the city, New York City Mayor Eric Adams’ office confirmed to Fox News Digital.
The effort is part of a reported $53 million pilot program to hand out prepaid credit cards to migrant families….

The program…will provide migrant families of four with two children under 5 with up to $350 each week until the end of their stay

(Keep in mind that “migrant families” and “illegal immigrants” are Fox News Digital‘s euphemisms for “illegal aliens,” which is what these persons are.)

Underlying all of that is this demonstration of Adams’ cynicism and his contempt for ordinary Americans:

Under the pilot program, which is expected to last for six weeks, migrants could receive more money from the city than the state gives to low-income and elderly New Yorkers under SNAP benefits.
According to the state’s website, single households are eligible for up to $291 a month in SNAP benefits aimed at providing “low-income working people, senior citizens, the disabled and others” money to buy food products.

All of that favorable treatment for illegals will be paid for…with the tax remittances of the city’s working residents, including the working poor, and by the increased debt the city will incur from the tax remittances’ shortfall—which are themselves future taxes to be imposed on the city’s residents.

This is the Progressive-Democratic Party whose politicians are on the ballot this November.

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