Whine, Whine, Whine

Chicago’s Progressive-Democrat Mayor Brandon Johnson has joined the Whiners’ Chorus. Now he’s accusing Texas’ Republican Governor Greg Abbott of “attacking” the United States itself.

We have a governor—a governor—an elected official in the state of Texas, that is placing families on buses without shoes, cold, wet, tired, hungry, afraid, traumatized. And then they come to the city of Chicago where we have homelessness, we have mental health clinics that have been shut down and closed, you have people who are seeking employment.

Whining Mayor Whines Again

New York City Mayor Eric “Squeaky” Adams (D) is crying now that his sanctuary city, a status of which he claims to be proud, is nearing its breaking point and there is no more room in New York. All because the city of 8.8 million has had an “influx” of 41,000 illegal aliens over the last nine or so months.

41,000. The Del Rio sector of the US-Mexico border, of which Eagle Pass, TX—population 28 thousand—is the primary border-crossing region, had more than 51,000 illegal aliens entering in December 2022 alone.

The Usual Whine

Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius—she of the previous party engagement excuse for declining to testify last week about Obamacare’s rollout failure—now is suggesting, with an absolutely straight face (say what you will about the lady; she’s a consummate actress), that Republicans, with their efforts to interfere with the infliction of Obamacare, contributed to Healthcare.gov’s failed rollout.

That’s because, you see, it was Republicans who were overseeing the writing and testing of all that bad code—both on the front end, where we can’t get in easily, and on the back end that manages data transfer to the insurers, claim processing and payment, and so on.


It’s President Bush’s fault.

I “inherited worst economy since the Great Depression.”

“You didn’t build that.”

“Republicans won’t pass my JOBS bill.”

“The YouTube video started it.”

“It [the video’s fault] was purely a function of what was provided to us.”

“We weren’t told they wanted more security.  We did not know they wanted more security there.”

“Gunwalking began under the ‘previous administration’.”

“I think it’s important for us to understand that Fast and Furious was a field operation begun under the previous administration.”

You “can’t change Washington from the inside.”

It’s all on the Federal Government?

Give us more Federal money, Denver’s Progressive-Democrat Mayor Mike Johnston and his Progressive-Democrat-run city counterparts are demanding.

Johnston previously warned that the border crisis will “crush city budgets around the country,” as he expects 10% of Denver’s entire budget to go toward aiding migrants.
“I have called the White House,” Johnston told [Fox NewsAmerica’s Newsroom] hosts Bill Hemmer and Dana Perino. “We’ve told them we need more federal aid. That’s why there’s dollars in that supplemental budget to do that.”

New York City’s Progressive-Democrat Mayor Eric Adams:

The federal government must take responsibility and lead on this humanitarian crisis[.]

A Simple Response

Progressive-Democrat President Joe Biden is looking at requiring illegal aliens to remain in Texas [and/or other border States] while they wait out their asylum screening.

The plan would force migrants to remain in Texas, or possibly other border states, by tracking their location through GPS monitoring devices, such as ankle bracelets, the officials told the [LA] Times.

This seems to me to be naked retaliation for Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s (R) penchant for transporting illegal aliens who volunteer for the trip to other cities and States that have invited them via their sanctuary city/State status. And about which some Mayors have started to whine and cry about being taken at their word.

SEIA’s Response to Bidenomic’s Tariffs

The Wall Street Journal‘s editors correctly noted the internal—and intrinsic—contradictions in the Biden administration’s “renewable” energy demands and its trade policy. The administration is pushing ever harder to shift our economy, for good or ill (mostly ill IMNHO), to energy sourced to non-carbon-based, but renewable only—nuclear need not apply—producers. Then comes Gina Raimondo, Commerce Secretary, and her decision, backed by that same Joe Biden, to apply tariffs as high as 254% to solar power-related products imported from five People’s Republic of China enterprises, never minding that these companies are American domestic solar power producers’ primary sources of the needed articles.

Reporters’ Contempt for Ordinary Americans

High-profile media figures gathered for their 2024 Campaign Journalism Conference at the University of Chicago’s Institute of Politics a week or so ago. One theme of the conference was the journalists’ concern about the perception of condescension, of looking down your nose at us Americans that we Americans have of the journalism guild and its members.

CNN journalist Jeff Zeleny was one expressing that concern.

South Dakota’s Purity Caucus

The State’s Republican governor, Kristi Noem, is being taken to task for—supposedly—overstepping State constitutional bounds in the way her executive branch agencies propose legislation and introduce it into the legislature.

South Dakota’s very own Purity Freedom Caucus is claiming that those agencies

“overstepped their authority” by exploiting a loophole in the state lawmaking process that allows agencies to introduce bills without a legislative sponsor….

In the present case, South Dakota’s Department of Labor and Regulations submitted two bills to the State’s House Commerce and Energy Committee, and the committee’s chairman then sent the bills directly to the House floor rather than first having it processed by his committee—debate and vote.

Count Me Unsympathetic

As the US and our allies ramp up sanctions against Russia over that nation’s invasion of Ukraine, companies facing ransomware attacks think their ability to resolve the attacks is being complexified. Ed McNicholas, Co-Leader of Ropes & Gray LLP’s Data, Privacy & Cybersecurity Practice, has articulated the whine, as cited by the WSJ:

[E]nsuring that ransomware payments aren’t going to sanctioned Russian entities has gotten “much harder” recently.
“The overlap of the rise of ransomware and then these pervasive sanctions against Russia has created quite a firestorm in terms of the ability to pay ransoms,” he said.