Whine, Whine, Whine

Chicago’s Progressive-Democrat Mayor Brandon Johnson has joined the Whiners’ Chorus. Now he’s accusing Texas’ Republican Governor Greg Abbott of “attacking” the United States itself.

We have a governor—a governor—an elected official in the state of Texas, that is placing families on buses without shoes, cold, wet, tired, hungry, afraid, traumatized. And then they come to the city of Chicago where we have homelessness, we have mental health clinics that have been shut down and closed, you have people who are seeking employment.

Leave aside, as Johnson does, the fact that these illegal aliens are volunteers to travel—at Texas’ expense, mind you—to Chicago, and to New York City, Los Angeles, and elsewhere throughout our nation. Nor are they particularly tired, or cold, or hungry, or traumatized—they’re fed before they get on the bus, and they’re fed on the bus, which itself is warm and the seats sleepable.

The larger, overarching, fact is that Johnson and his cronies in those other cities—Progressive-Democrat Mayors Eric Adams, Karen Bass, et al., are actively inviting, calling come one, come all, those illegal aliens into their cities by loudly proclaiming them to be sanctuary for all illegal aliens. Even at that, the numbers of illegal aliens that these sanctuary cities receive over a period of months is what Texas’ (and Arizona’s) border towns—not even cities, many of them—receive in the course of a day or two to a week.

If Johnson and his were serious about their cities’ claimed level of ability to deal with what they have, with the influx of illegals overlaid, they’d take at least a first step and stop being sanctuaries and instead help get the for illegals deported.

Johnson, in particular, seems to have joined the Let’s Go Brandon chorale.

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