Some Basic Arithmetic

Washington State has spent $143 million to get homeless folks out of camps from state property near roads and housed.

About 1,300 people were swept from roadside camps as of July 31, with roughly 430 of those rejecting help getting into temporary or permanent shelter. That means it took $165,000 per person to clear the camps and house 870 people.
The department says 126 people have successfully exited the program into permanent housing….

Washington has 25,200 homeless folks (that makes Washington’s homeless population the fourth largest in the nation, for those of you keeping track at home). Those exited from the program represent less than 10% of those 1,300 swept. The State’s Progressive-Democratic Party Governor, Jay Inslee, says he needs more money:

Talking about the Weather

That’s what Hunter Biden, Devon Archer—both Burisma board of directors members at the time—then-Vice President Joe Biden, and Marc Holtzman discussed in the Vice President’s Naval Observatory residence. Or maybe not.

Holtzman wanted to advocate for former Kazakh Prime Minister Karim Massimov—today imprisoned in his country on treason charges—to become the next United Nations Secretary General.

The quid pro quo:

Hunter Biden and Archer hoped Holtzman—then the top official at Kazakhstan’s largest bank—could help deliver an energy deal for their Burisma client in Ukraine with Kazakhstan. Joe Biden was in a position to influence both.

Greedy UAW

The United Automobile Workers Union, per its president Shawn Fain, is threatening to strike the three automakers GM, Ford, and Stellantis (nee Chrysler) simultaneously after midnight Thursday (as I write Thursday midday). The union is demanding

  • 36% pay raises over the next four years
  • raises to correspond to the cost of living
  • an end to tiered-wages for factory jobs
  • a 32-hour work week with 40 hours of pay
  • pension increases

Some of those would seem legitimate, or at least open to discussion, and typical union wants that most employers could find some sort of agreement on. The pay raise demand is egregious, and the demand to be paid for hours not worked is simply greedy, glorified featherbedding.

Party Primary Debates

Progressive-Democratic Party Presidential candidate Robert F Kennedy, Jr, is unhappy—rightfully so IMNSHO—about the lack of Progressive-Democratic Party primary debates, seeing the lack—again rightfully so—as Party’s move to protect President Joe Biden (D) from having to make a coherent case for his nomination.


If Kennedy, Marianne Williamson, et al., were serious about this, they’d hold a series of debates between themselves (among the several of themselves?), and debate not only each other, but an empty chair placed prominently on the stage that represents Biden.

But, But—Bidenomics is Working

That’s the claim of President Joe Biden (D) as he insists our eyes are lying, and we should believe him, instead. These two lede paragraphs say otherwise:

Surging inflation gobbled up household income gains last year, making 2022 the third straight year in which Americans saw their living standards eroded by rising prices and pandemic disruptions.
Americans’ inflation-adjusted median household income fell to $74,580 in 2022, declining 2.3% from the 2021 estimate of $76,330, the Census Bureau said Tuesday. The amount has dropped 4.7% since its peak in 2019.

The House Impeachment Inquiry

Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R, CA) has announced an impeachment inquiry to look, formally, into allegations of President Joe Biden’s (D) misbehaviors. The press, lately exemplified by the august editors of The Wall Street Journal, keeps nattering on about the following:

Formally opening an inquiry puts more legal force behind House subpoenas to investigate the President’s role in promoting the Biden family’s business connections to shady foreign firms.

While I agree with the concept of the impeachment inquiry, I do have a couple of questions about that more legal force behind House subpoenas bit, especially since the press never supports that claim.

First He Disrespects our 9/11 Fallen

He didn’t deign appear at the 9/11 site on 11 September of this year—he lay over in Alaska on his way back from Vietnam instead of pressing on to New York. Then he lies about being at the site the day after the attack.

Ground Zero in New York—I remember standing there the next day and looking at the building. I felt like I was looking through the gates of hell. It looked so devastating. Because of the way you—from where you could stand.

How About Some Reparations?

The lede says it.

No human remains have been found from excavations at a Canadian Indian residential school two years after allegations were made that more than 200 Indigenous children were buried at the site. In the aftermath of the claims, Canada experienced a rash of burning and vandalizing of dozens of Catholic churches.

This has occurred two years after

the British Columbia First Nation Band Tk’emlúps te Secwépemc announced that a radar survey had found “confirmation of the remains of 215 children” near the former Kamloops Indian Residential School.

Just Like a Progressive-Democrat

Republican Presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy says—and he’s actually serious—that, as President, he would deport the US-born children of illegal migrants.

I favor ending birthright citizenship for those whose parents entered the country *illegally* because we shouldn’t reward those who violate the law with the intent of exploiting the citizenship rules. The Framers of the 14th Amendment never intended this & it’s arguably not even what it says (don’t forget the “subject to the jurisdiction thereof” clause which is often ignored). That’s common sense.

For good or ill, the 14th Amendment of our Constitution is quite clear on this. Here’s the first sentence of the first Article of that Amendment:

It Really Is…

…all about the Benjamins. Minnesota’s Progressive-Democrat Congresswoman Ilhan Omar just targeted the wrong group. California’s Progressive-Democrat Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi has said out loud another bit of the quiet. In talking to Politico, she said,

You may not know this, but if you’re not a candidate, you really can’t raise money for yourself. And raising money for myself enables me to spend that on other people.

For the House Democrats, though, I needed to be able to still raise significant money for them as a candidate[.]