How Many Layers of Bureaucracy

…whether government’s or private businesses’ will Big Government require before it will allow a failed enterprise to fail?

Regulators want to prevent taxpayers from having to ever again bail out big banks. Their latest idea: make the banks bail themselves out.

Previously, banks had struggled to persuade regulators they had a plan—called a “living will”—that would allow them to be dismantled and shut down if they got into trouble without taxpayers taking a hit. Now, banks are creating new structures that would allow their most important parts to keep functioning, even if the parent company has to file for bankruptcy. The aim is to avoid the kind of market chaos that could cause economic harm.


Here’s one, from the files of Democrats.

John Podesta, one of Democratic Party Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s most senior advisors, says WikiLeaks and Republican Party Presidential candidate Donald Trump are in cahoots over the former’s leaks concerning Podesta’s, Clinton’s, and the Clinton campaign’s emails.

Clinton adviser John Podesta pointed the finger at Trump adviser Roger Stone, who he said has been in touch with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. Podesta also raised as evidence an August tweet in which Stone said Podesta’s “time in the barrel” was coming. The tweet was sent shortly after WikiLeaks published scores of hacked emails from other Democratic officials.

Vetting Refugees

Democratic Party Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in 2013 told the Jewish United Fund of Metropolitan Chicago at their Vanguard Luncheon that Jordan, which was (and still is) in its crisis of handling refugees from the Syrian civil war, that had no hope of effectively understanding who those refugees were and which among them actually were jihadist terrorists.

[Jordan has] hundreds of thousands of refugees and they can’t possibly vet all those refugees so they don’t know if, you know, jihadists are coming in along with legitimate refugees.

Racism of the Left

Again.  Still.

A Black-owned bakery, Fat Cupcake, baked up a batch of cupcakes to honor our President, an American who happens to be black; they titled the cupcakes “Mr President.”  Fat Cupcake described their confection on their menu as an

Oreo (™) Cookie baked inside white cake, cookies n’ cream buttercream.

It didn’t take long for the Left to start manufacturing a racist beef where none exists, thereby displaying their own racism.  Via Yelp, for instance:

Very troubling. They were serving a cupcake called the “Mr President” that had an Oreo cookie inside. When I tried to point out the racism implied, they claimed that “our current president loves Oreos.”

Energy Subsidies

Here’s how they stand, via Watts Up With Thatenergysubsidies

I’m happy with eliminating energy subsidies.  Let’s get rid of all of them.

Obama’s Foreign Policy Failure

Here’s an illustrative example.

While the press was focused on the Hillary-Trump debate, Iranian-backed rebels fired two missiles at the USS Mason off Yemen.

That’s how much respect President Barack Obama’s (D) foreign policy has earned us.

[As cited by Richard Fernandez at the above link] “Sending the warships to the area is a message that the primary goal of the Navy is to ensure that shipping continues unimpeded in the strait and the vicinity,” said a US defense official.

Message received.  And contemptuously wadded up and tossed back at our feet.

Here’s another.

Racism or just Stupidity?

The National Museum of African American History and Culture opened last month in Washington—and missing from the four floors of exhibits is any reference to [Justice Clarence] Thomas’ personal and judicial legacy, shocking for perhaps the second most powerful black political figure in America, after President Obama.

They do, though, have a large section of the woman who tried to smear Thomas and block his confirmation to the Supreme Court.  Justice Thomas’ response to that attempt and to the complicity of the Democratic Party Senators complicit in the attempt puts it best:

Another Memory Failure

Sunday’s townhall debate between Democratic Party Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and Republican Party Presidential candidate Donald Trump was memorable for a lot of exchanges, but this one may be symptomatic of a larger medical problem of Clinton’s.

When Trump brought up President Barack Obama’s (D) red line about Syrian President Bashar al Assad’s chemical weapon use and then proceeded to retreat from it when al Assad called his bluff, he said Clinton played a role in that failure through her position as Secretary of State at the time.

Clinton responded by saying that she was not Secretary of State at that time; she’d already left the office.

Taking Orders?

Is that what Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte is doing with his just-acquired colonial master?  Or is this just another outcome from President Barack Obama’s (D) trailing along leading from behind?

The Philippine defense chief said Friday that he had suspended participation in any joint patrols with the US of the disputed South China Sea, the first concrete sign of a crack in the military alliance following the election of President Rodrigo Duterte.

Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana also said he also would ask a small detachment of American troops providing counterterrorism assistance on the southern island of Mindanao to leave as the president requested.