There’s Bigotry

…and there’s bigotry.  Keep in mind that the Virginia Attorney General, yet another Progressive-Democrat in the Virginia government—and third in line for succession to the governorship behind Northam (D) and Lieutenant Governor (another Progressive-Democrat and accused of rape, which he is poo-pooing) confessed last week to doing blackface decades ago.

The hue and cry over all of this from the virtue-signalers and determined nay-sayers of all sides is loud.

An Inquisition

The “hearing” by the House Judiciary Committee of Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker on Friday was just that.

It was more than that, too.  The number of times the Committee’s Progressive-Democrats talked over and interrupted Whitaker’s answers, even dictating what his answers must be (“Answer yes or no”), before he could complete them was breathtaking.  Not a single Progressive-Democrat let him complete his answers to each of their questions; most of them wouldn’t let him complete any of them.  Here’s the 6-hour C-SPAN video of the hearing; see for yourself.

Welfare Cages

Now Progressive-Democrats want to give cash payments, ostensibly without strings attached, directly to low income folks in addition to the many welfare payments they already receive.

The latest effort is more far-reaching and aims to move supplemental cash directly into the hands of low-income Americans.

Which they’ll lose were they to move up the economic ladder, thereby cynically trapping those Americans in the Progressive-Democrats’ welfare cage.

One More Reason

…for Great Britain to go out from the European Union.

Donald Tusk, European Council President:

I’ve been wondering what that special place in hell looks like for those who promoted Brexit without even a sketch of a plan of how to carry it out safely.

To which Guy Verhofstadt, European Parliament representative for Brexit negotiations, added

I doubt Lucifer would welcome them, as after what they did to Britain, they would even manage to divide Hell.

Tusk also said

“our most important task is to prevent a No Deal scenario”, Mr Tusk stressed.
But he said that Brussels would make “no new offer” to the UK….

Flexible Genders and (Modern) Feminism

A generally satirical piece by Bill Walsh on The Daily Wire concluded with this straight-up bit of logic:

This [the concept of “identifying as…”] is their own logic. I’m just accepting it. For the sake of argument, anyway. Liberals still have not faced the fact that their progressive gender theory completely undermines, negates, and rules out, all of the feminist “girl power” stuff. They want to have their gender cake and eat it, too. One minute they want us to believe that gender is fluid and a person’s body parts have nothing at all to do with the matter, the next minute they want us to jump for joy because a bunch of people with vaginas were elected to Congress. The two ideas stand in obvious conflict. They must choose. Or else they will have to face the fact that every time they go off on a feminist tangent, they are, according their own ideology, guilty of transphobic bigotry.


Here’s CNN commentator Van Jones on President Donald Trump’s State of the Union address Tuesday:

My first take: “A psychotically incoherent speech mixing cookies with dog poop.” #SOTU #peoplesSOTU #cookiesanddogpoop
— Van Jones (@VanJones68) February 6, 2019

It’s a minute-20 excerpt from Anderson Cooper’s show at the link in the tweet, and Jones went on throughout his tirade in that vein.

That’s all consistent, though, with Jones’ wholly balanced position while he was in the Obama administration that Republicans are “assholes” because they didn’t agree with Obama’s policies and policy proposals.

Cuomo Objects

Or maybe whines.

During a Monday press conference, Mr [Andrew, D] Cuomo said wealthy individuals living in these areas were either moving or shifting their official residence to lower-tax states….

Cuomo’s whining continued:

SALT was an economic civil war.  It literally restructured the economy to help red states at the cost of blue states. That’s exactly what it did. It was a diabolical, political maneuver.

Yeah—it’s really diabolical to let folks—even the Evil Rich—keep more of their money.  It’s especially diabolical that those folks would want to keep their money and actually take steps to take advantage of the Federal tax reform and avail themselves, also of the benefits of living in lower-tax locales. I mean, really.

Elizabeth Warren’s Wealth and Tax

Senator and President wannabe Elizabeth Warren (D, MA), according to her current financial disclosure, has a net worth of between $4 million and $10 million.

She’s proposing a wealth tax on the rich, but her threshold for incurring the tax doesn’t begin until $50 million.


The Weakness of Government

Here’s JPMorgan Chase’s CEO Jamie Dimon on raising taxes on the wealthy in particular: Opens a New Window.

I believe that individuals earning the most can afford to pay more, and I have no problem paying higher taxes to address some of the fundamental challenges and inequities in our society[.]

I’ll leave aside the illogic of Dimon’s implied obligation resultant from mere affordabity.  What are Dimon’s fundamental challenges and inequities that want government intervention?

ensur[ing] that tax dollars are being put to the “most effective” use, like expanding the earned income tax credit, alongside other programs that support the people and communities who need it the most.

Foreign Meddling

More European nations have recognized the Guaidó government as the legitimate government of Venezuela following the passing of those nations’ Sunday deadline for Maduro to schedule free elections with no action by Maduro (though left unaddressed is the conundrum of how Maduro could schedule anything if he’s not the legitimate head of government).

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin demurs.

…domestic issues should be solved by Venezuela and its people. “Attempts to legitimize usurped power” constitute[] “interference in Venezuela’s internal affairs….”