Lies of Our President

Here are some, via Just the News:

I don’t know anybody, including Larry Summers, who’s a friend of mine, who’s worried about inflation.

But, Summers in particular:

These figures and labor market tightness and the behavior of housing markets and asset prices are all rising in a more concerning way than I worried about a few months ago. This raises my degree of concern about an economic overheating scenario.

…you’re not going to get COVID if you have these vaccinations.


…growing number of “breakthrough cases”—those testing positive for the virus after being fully vaccinated—are being reported….

Aside: I say, at this point, that the “growing number” are still a tiny number of occurrences compared to the number of vaccine doses administered, and the even rarer deaths still are, in the main, from comorbidities also present. Further, those breakthrough cases are quite mild compared to the non-vaccinated cases that get serious enough to want medical attention. The vaccines aren’t perfect, but your odds (favorable though they are to begin with, if you’re healthy) are much improved by the vaccines. You’re just not bullet-proof as Biden exaggeratedly implies.

…the drugs that are designed to kill the virus came along so quickly. They’ve been working on it for two decades. There’s nothing quick about this. It’s been over two decades.

This is a cynical distortion of the facts. “They’ve” been working on the underlying mRNA technology for many years. The vaccines are a new application of that technology, aimed in a direction not originally envisioned.

We’ve lost more people in the United States — over 630-some thousand people — than every major war we’ve ever fought in the United States of America. More people have died than all our major wars combined. Think about that.


Civil War alone resulted in a conservatively estimated 620,000 US military deaths, and World War II claimed the lives of more than 400,000….

And we’ve fought a few more wars than just those two. Think about that, indeed.

Again, but: Joe Biden has always been dishonest:

His treatment of then-Supreme Court Justice nominee Clarence Thomas and of Anita Hill, a witness against him, was a remarkable display of racism in his treatment of both and of sexism in his treatment of Hill.

He’s never made any bones about not wanting his kids to grow up in a mixed community.

He still pretends he didn’t know what son Hunter was doing in Ukraine.

He still pretends he didn’t know what son Hunter was doing in the People’s Republic of China, despite having traveled there and back with Dad Joe on Air Force Two.

He was quite blunt about his relationship with blacks during his campaign last fall: a black man who doesn’t support him for President isn’t really black.

He still insists, with a straight face, that Georgia’s new voting law, which expands ballot access and strengthens voting security, is Jim Crow on steroids.

He insists that Texas’ voting law is an assault on the very democracy of our nation.


The NLMSM is vociferously reporting that Republican Party Presidential candidate Donald Trump tossed a baby out of one of his rallies.

Here are actual facts from an eyewitness, via PJMedia.  The eyewitness is Will Estrada, Loudoun County Republican Committee Chairman; he also was invited to give the invocation at the rally.  This is what he posted on his Facebook page about the baby incident [emphasis in the PJMedia quote].  Estrada’s Facebook post is here.

One thing I want to mention is the baby crying, because that has been national news. Contrary to news stories, it was a very funny thing, Trump was very supportive of the mom calling her and her baby “beautiful” and “wonderful”, and then when the baby kept crying he turned it into a joke. Everyone was laughing and it was actually very endearing and funny. Not at all anti mom or anti baby like the media has portrayed it to be.

Estrada had an additional comment, too, this time about the media…coverage.

Which brings me to the final point: I was there and saw and heard the entire event with the mom and baby. There was nothing to it. But then after I’m reading all the news coverage saying “Trump hates moms and babies!!!” I started to doubt myself. Did I really miss a huge story right in front of me? I started asking others who were there, including a husband and wife with young kids. And everyone in the room said the same thing: there was no story here. Trump was being funny and personable and going out of his way to make sure the mom wasn’t embarrassed by making it a funny situation. My conclusion is that the media is selling us a narrative. Be very skeptical of what the media is telling you, because I saw it with my own eyes and it was something very different.

Estrada is being generous.  This is the dishonesty of the media.

Iran Inspections

President Barack Obama insists that the inspection régime agreed by Iran is

the most robust and intrusive inspections and transparency regime ever negotiated for any nuclear program in history.


After the 1991 invasion of Iraq to liberate occupied Kuwait, an inspection régime was set up. The inspectors entering and operating in Iraq could

go anywhere, anytime, with any equipment. They could seize documents, interview people, operate aircraft for transportation (and with sensors), and, basically anything else the Chairman of UNSCOM (the special Iraq WMD inspection team) and the Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency decided was necessary.

Of course, it didn’t work out that way, which emphasizes my point: the inspection régime agreed by Iran doesn’t even begin to start to approach that level. The inspections are notice-only, they’re allowed only for specific sites, only preselected personnel may be interviewed…. The whole thing is allowed to be carefully choreographed, and not by the inspectors, but by the inspectees.

Of course, Obama knows this, as do his Democratic Party henchmen—you know the ones: those who aren’t on board with giving the Senate and the House veto-proof majorities in the Corker-Menendez bill requiring Congressional approval of any nuclear deal with Iran.

Remember this in the fall of 2016. And in the Democratic primaries, if you’re so inclined.

Unthinking Dishonesty

President Barack Obama’s dissembling is legendary. Recall his claim, oft repeated, that if you like your health insurance policy or your doctor, you can keep them. Recall his oft repeated claims that Presidents don’t have the authority to act unilaterally on immigration in exactly the way he acted last November.

Here’s a couple more things he said.

The pattern overall is that the climate is getting warmer. That’s undeniable[.]

Except that the data are unclear on this, in the way that Obama means. It’s indisputable that the climate has not gotten warmer over the last 18 years. It’s indisputable that orbital mechanics and the sun’s cycles play a major role in Earth’s climate change. It’s indisputable that, over Earth’s existence, the sun is heating up. It’s indisputable that, over geologic time frames, Earth is warming. It’s entirely disputable that human activity is having a major effect on climate.

Obama also said,

Our homicide rates are so much larger than other industrialized countries, by like a mile.

Most of that is attributable to the easy, ready availability of firearms, particularly handguns.

No. Today’s homicide rate is half that of the Clinton administration’ time frame, yet handgun ownership has vastly increased since then. In general, gun ownership, and lack of gun control laws are correlated with fewer murders. For instance, in 2011, California, with the most stringent gun control laws in the US (according to the Brady Campaign), had a gun murder rate of 3.25 murders per 100,000 people. Texas, with pretty loose gun control laws, had a gun murder rate of 2.91 per 100,000. Utah, with the loosest gun control laws in the US, had a gun murder rate of 0.97.

Of course, Obama knows these things. He’s too smart, too well educated, too widely read, and too current on the events in the world not to know these things. But lying to get his way is so habitual in him that he just says these things of convenience without the slightest thought.

What could be worse than that? His Democratic Party has said not a word to correct his errors. These men and women also are too smart, too well educated, too widely read, and too current on the events in the world not to know these things. Their silence on the matter demonstrates that they agree with his behavior as much as with his claims.

See, too, the Democratic Party’s silence on Hillary Clinton’s misbehaviors in violating Federal law with her Secretary of State private email accounts and her accepting—quite sizeable—donations from foreign governments while she was sitting in the Secretary of State’s chair, even if the money was washed through her Bill, Hillary, and Chelsea Clinton Foundation‎.

Remember this in 2016.

Russia Reneges on Ukraine

And, no, I’m not talking about the Belgrade Memorandum, in which Russia, among others, agreed to guarantee Ukraine’s territorial integrity in return for Ukraine turning over its then-third largest in the world nuclear weapons arsenal to Russia.

I’m talking about the just signed—by Russia, Ukraine, the EU, and the US—agreement pretending to “neutraliz[e] a crisis that has brought Ukraine to the brink of civil war.”  Among other things, that agreement called for “dissidents” to depart from the Ukraine government buildings that they had seized in eastern Ukraine.


Denis Pushilin, the leader of the uprising that calls itself the People’s Republic of Donetsk, said at a news conference in the southeast city’s seized administration building that the activists won’t exit until the new leaders in Kiev leave the government he says they have been occupying….

“After that, we’ll also agree to do it,” Mr. Pushilin said.  Instead, he said he and other activists in the building are continuing to prepare for a referendum on the southeast Ukraine region’s future that he says they intend to hold by May 11.

That referendum for which Vladimir Putin’s representative in the Ukrainian city of Donetsk is pushing so hard is another of Putin’s demands: he’s threatened to deepen his invasion of Ukraine and occupy eastern and southern Ukraine, as he’s already done the Ukrainian oblast of Crimea, if those other oblasts aren’t allowed to be separate “autonomous” regions.  That threat is made manifest by his having amassed some 50,000 Russian soldiers, armor, artillery, and combat aircraft just a few short miles from the eastern Ukrainian border with Russia.  That threat is made manifest by his having infiltrated special operations forces into eastern and southern Ukraine to drive and to support these building occupations—the same tactic he used to seize Crimea.

And now his representative is refusing to honor the “agreement” his employer has signed.

Only an idiot or a naïf could sit in the White House or in Brussels and think Putin would keep his signed word.