The NLMSM is vociferously reporting that Republican Party Presidential candidate Donald Trump tossed a baby out of one of his rallies.

Here are actual facts from an eyewitness, via PJMedia.  The eyewitness is Will Estrada, Loudoun County Republican Committee Chairman; he also was invited to give the invocation at the rally.  This is what he posted on his Facebook page about the baby incident [emphasis in the PJMedia quote].  Estrada’s Facebook post is here.

One thing I want to mention is the baby crying, because that has been national news. Contrary to news stories, it was a very funny thing, Trump was very supportive of the mom calling her and her baby “beautiful” and “wonderful”, and then when the baby kept crying he turned it into a joke. Everyone was laughing and it was actually very endearing and funny. Not at all anti mom or anti baby like the media has portrayed it to be.

Estrada had an additional comment, too, this time about the media…coverage.

Which brings me to the final point: I was there and saw and heard the entire event with the mom and baby. There was nothing to it. But then after I’m reading all the news coverage saying “Trump hates moms and babies!!!” I started to doubt myself. Did I really miss a huge story right in front of me? I started asking others who were there, including a husband and wife with young kids. And everyone in the room said the same thing: there was no story here. Trump was being funny and personable and going out of his way to make sure the mom wasn’t embarrassed by making it a funny situation. My conclusion is that the media is selling us a narrative. Be very skeptical of what the media is telling you, because I saw it with my own eyes and it was something very different.

Estrada is being generous.  This is the dishonesty of the media.

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