Lies of Our President

Here are some, via Just the News:

I don’t know anybody, including Larry Summers, who’s a friend of mine, who’s worried about inflation.

But, Summers in particular:

These figures and labor market tightness and the behavior of housing markets and asset prices are all rising in a more concerning way than I worried about a few months ago. This raises my degree of concern about an economic overheating scenario.

…you’re not going to get COVID if you have these vaccinations.


…growing number of “breakthrough cases”—those testing positive for the virus after being fully vaccinated—are being reported….

Aside: I say, at this point, that the “growing number” are still a tiny number of occurrences compared to the number of vaccine doses administered, and the even rarer deaths still are, in the main, from comorbidities also present. Further, those breakthrough cases are quite mild compared to the non-vaccinated cases that get serious enough to want medical attention. The vaccines aren’t perfect, but your odds (favorable though they are to begin with, if you’re healthy) are much improved by the vaccines. You’re just not bullet-proof as Biden exaggeratedly implies.

…the drugs that are designed to kill the virus came along so quickly. They’ve been working on it for two decades. There’s nothing quick about this. It’s been over two decades.

This is a cynical distortion of the facts. “They’ve” been working on the underlying mRNA technology for many years. The vaccines are a new application of that technology, aimed in a direction not originally envisioned.

We’ve lost more people in the United States — over 630-some thousand people — than every major war we’ve ever fought in the United States of America. More people have died than all our major wars combined. Think about that.


Civil War alone resulted in a conservatively estimated 620,000 US military deaths, and World War II claimed the lives of more than 400,000….

And we’ve fought a few more wars than just those two. Think about that, indeed.

Again, but: Joe Biden has always been dishonest:

His treatment of then-Supreme Court Justice nominee Clarence Thomas and of Anita Hill, a witness against him, was a remarkable display of racism in his treatment of both and of sexism in his treatment of Hill.

He’s never made any bones about not wanting his kids to grow up in a mixed community.

He still pretends he didn’t know what son Hunter was doing in Ukraine.

He still pretends he didn’t know what son Hunter was doing in the People’s Republic of China, despite having traveled there and back with Dad Joe on Air Force Two.

He was quite blunt about his relationship with blacks during his campaign last fall: a black man who doesn’t support him for President isn’t really black.

He still insists, with a straight face, that Georgia’s new voting law, which expands ballot access and strengthens voting security, is Jim Crow on steroids.

He insists that Texas’ voting law is an assault on the very democracy of our nation.

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