No Voter Fraud?

Here’s one case—a single incident, but much too large a case to be dismissed for that.

Paterson, NJ, with a population of 145,000, last month held—rather, is holding, since the city isn’t done counting votes—an election for City Council, among other positions. The election was done by mail-in voting since the Powers that Be considered the city’s Wuhan Virus situation that serious.

16,747 vote-by-mail ballots were received, but only 13,557 votes were counted. More than 3,190 votes, 19% of the total ballots cast, were disqualified by the board of elections.

Nineteen per cent of the votes have been tossed.

Statehood for DC?

That’s the House Progressive-Democrats’ plan. They voted on the thing last Friday.

One of the rationalizations for the move is this, from the District of Columbia’s “shadow senator” Paul Strauss:

DC [he’s cited as saying], created in July 1790, pays more federal taxes than any other non-voting territory and does not receive proportional services for their population, which is larger than those of Wyoming and Vermont.
“We are essentially a donor state,” he said.

That’s not an argument for statehood, though. It’s an argument for ending the transfers of citizens’ and their business’ tax monies from one State/territory/District to another other than in times of regional emergency.

Victory for Competitive Free Market Pricing

So far, hospitals will be required to publish the prices they negotiate with their insurers. This will facilitate the public’s ability to comparison shop for hospital procedures and services so as to drive down costs to the public through competition.

The American Hospital Association had sued in Federal court to block a new Trump administration rule that required such publication, but the judge presiding, Carl Nichols, granted the government’s motion for summary dismissal.

Aside from withstanding the inevitable sequence of appeals, a significant part of what’s left, now, is a requirement for hospitals to publish their success rates for various types of procedure and service.

And We Believe Him

Late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel has been outed: he did black face a few years back and a mock rap Christmas song in which he used “n—-” lots of time.

Now the Precious Ones are shaking their fingers at him very firmly, and he, having already absented himself from his show for a separate violation of woke-ness, is saying words of apology for those prior crimes.

Actually, though, Kimmel’s apology (really more of a counter attack against those presumptuous enough in his eyes to object to his past) is wholly unnecessary. The ones who should be apologizing—with a true and honest apology—are the Woke/Racist/Sexist Left who manufacture out of the æther racist (in Kimmel’s case), or sexist, or offense du jour… beef where none exists.

An Independent DoJ

Some pundits are complaining about a DoJ run by an Attorney General that is becoming a President Donald Trump ally rather than leading an independent Cabinet facility.

They’re misunderstanding, if not distorting, the situation.

These, for instance:

While those allies [of Attorney General William Barr] believe the attorney general’s actions are justified, they worry he is inviting excessive scrutiny that will undermine his agenda and do nothing to help the Justice Department’s already bruised morale.

Not at all. If the actions are justified, scrutiny—”excessive” or otherwise—is no excuse for not taking them.

“Fundamentally Transforming America”

Leftist thugs are busily tearing down statues. They began by masking their destructiveness, centering it on destroying statues of Confederate generals, but now they’re showing their true colors: they’re tearing down statues of national founders, abolitionists, Abraham Lincoln, US Grant, Liberals like Theodore Roosevelt, desecrating monuments to an all-black regiment that fought for the Union against slavery in our Civil War and to WWII heros.

They’re vandalizing government buildings and defiling churches.

They’re even assaulting their own for daring to document the destruction.

Here is Michelle Obama in May 2008:

Woke, Party, and Racism

Thugs are tearing down statues of Ulysses S Grant—who fought against Democratic Party-defended slavery militarily and, as President, politically. Progressive-Democratic politicians are carefully silent about this anti-slavery move.

Why might that be?

Here’s one possibility: the then-Democratic Party’s 1868 Presidential campaign slogan as they ran against Grant was

Our ticket, Our Motto: This is a White Man’s Country; Let White Men Rule.

Which, under current Left Woke Rules, raises the question: how can any black politician be a member of the Progressive-Democratic Party? Why haven’t they been canceled?

The Party of Economic Sense

A Sunday editorial in The Wall Street Journal provides some pretty dispositive data concerning State economic behaviors during the present Wuhan Virus situation.

The baseline: the national unemployment rate for May was 13.3%.

Ten States remained above even 15% in their individual unemployment rates:

  • Nevada 25.3%
  • Hawaii 22.6%
  • Michigan 21.2%
  • California 16.3%
  • Rhode Island 16.3%
  • Massachusetts 16.3%
  • Delaware 15.8%
  • Illinois 15.2%
  • New Jersey 15.2%
  • Washington 15.1%

These States also had some of our nation’s most draconian lockdown requirements.

Why We Can’t Have Nice Things—Yet

Senator Tim Scott’s (R, SC) bill that would have led to a measure of reform for our State and local police departments went down in flames at the hands of Senate Progressive-Democrats. The blocked an end to their filibuster of the bill; they refused even to let the bill come to the floor of the Senate for open debate and amendment—including their own amendments.

Their rationalization? It didn’t go far enough. So, instead of taking a compromise that moved in their direction, they blocked everything. They refused even to permit talk about it.

Progressive-Democrat contempt for us citizens isn’t confined to the Senate.

Occupation by Remote Control

Details of the People’s Republic of China’s overt takeover of Hong Kong via its new “security” law have been released by the government organ Xinhua News Agency. The high points, summarized by OANN, are these:

  • Hong Kong must establish a “local” national security council to enforce legislation, headed by the city’s Chief Executive, Carrie Lam
    • to be supervised and guided by a new PRC commission specially created for the purpose
    • a PRC “adviser” will be a member of the council
  • New local police and prosecution units to be set up to investigate, enforce the new law
    • backed by PRC security and intelligence officers deployed to the new commission