Putting Mayorkas on Trial

Republican Senators Ted Cruz (TX) and Mike Lee (UT) opined on the Senate’s duty to hold a trial of DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas when the House delivers the articles of impeachment and on the Senate’s Progressive-Democrat Majority Leader Chuck Schumer’s (NY) intent to block any such trial. Toward the end of their piece, they offered this assessment of Schumer’s move:

He [Schumer] also wants to insulate Democrats from having to vote guilty or not guilty.

On this aspect of Schumer’s block I disagree.

Those Progressive-Democrat Senators who vote to table the impeachment trial will be putting themselves clearly on the record in two ways. One is that their vote to table will be their confession that they know Mayorkas (and Biden) are guilty and don’t want to have to vote against one of their own and, by implication, against Party’s boss on the matter.

The other is that they’ll be putting themselves on the record as lacking either the political courage to hold the trial, or the moral courage to hold the trial, or both.

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