Free Speech Turkey-Style

Enes Kanter, a Center for the New York Knicks, has expressed his opinion of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, and a Turkish prosecutor has indicted him in absentia for this heinous crime and wants Kantor jailed for four years.  Among other things, Kantor has said that Erdogan is the “Hitler of our century,” in the aftermath of the Turkish government’s revocation of his passport and its having forced his father, still in Turkey, to disown him—and then was thrown into jail, anyway.  All because Kanter supports the equally Erdogan-hated Islamic preacher Fethullah Gulen.

Here’s Kanter:

Progressive-Democrats and Taxes

The Wall Street Journal asked in their Sunday op-ed how it came to be that

the party of the Kennedy tax cuts of the 1960s and the co-writers of the Reagan reform in the 1980s [became] implacably opposed to pro-growth tax policy?

The WSJ‘s editorialists should know better.  This isn’t their (or your or my) grandfather’s Democratic Party.  This is the Progressive-Democratic Party of Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Chuck Schumer, Elizabeth Warren, Nancy Pelosi, Steny Hoyer, and all of its rank-and-file politico members.

Who Are You Going to Believe?

White House Chief of Staff John Kelly personally told former “Apprentice” star Omarosa Manigault Newman that her White House employment had been terminated, despite her insistence to the contrary.

But disappointingly, “Fox News has learned” that Kelly terminated Omarosa in a face-to-face in the White House Situation Room where recording devices of any kind, including cameras, are banned.  However, Fox News “learned” this from the Associated Press, which only “learned” this, in turn, from two carefully unnamed sources—the AP chose not to identify them.

The Decision

After President Donald Trump announced that the US would officially recognize Jerusalem as the Israeli capital—a long-standing fact away from which US administrations had been ducking away for over 20 years—global (or at least European and Middle Eastern) expressions of angst have been loud.

Out come the pop psychology analyses.

Martin Indyk, former US Special Envoy for Israeli-Palestinian negotiations, former US Ambassador to Israel, and current Executive Vice President of the Brookings Institution:

It was an appeal to his evangelical Christian base, pure and simple[.]

Of course it was.

Why Not All of Them?

President Donald Trump wants Congress—which is to say, Republicans, since the Progressive-Democrats in Congress want nothing to do with any Trump or Republican generally proposal—to take up welfare reform as the next major Government revamp after tax reform goes through (assuming, of course, a few Republican ego-riven snowflakes don’t blow that up).  However, Louise Radnofsky, who wrote the WSJ piece at the link, seems not to understand the scope of the problem.  Commenting on a speech concerning the matter that Trump gave in Missouri a bit ago, Radnofsky wrote this:

The president didn’t offer specifics about which of the dozens of welfare programs he was seeking to change….

Colin Kaepernick and the ACLU’s Lack of Understanding

The ACLU awarded Colin Kaepernick its Eason Monroe Courageous Advocate Award over the weekend, ostensibly for his “courage” in beginning a movement of kneeling during our national anthem.

It’s clear that the ACLU—all of the Left, really—and the kneeling athletes have, at best, misunderstood the meaning of their actions.  The hoo-raw over these protests, the empty seats in football stadiums, and the declining TV viewership shows plainly that the message being received is one of disrespect for the core symbols of our nation and insult toward those who have and are defending our nation, those symbols, and what our nation and symbols represent—individual liberty, including the right to protest even in the most disagreeable manner.

Law Be Damned

The city of Seattle passed a law earlier this year that levied an income tax on the city’s wealthiest—all in the name of equality of outcome and so…fairness.

It turns out that tax was contrary to the State’s law, which said that only the State can levy an income tax and, explicitly, cities cannot.  The question also was raised regarding whether the Seattle law was even contrary to the State’s constitution—illegitimate—as well as illegal, but the judge avoided the constitutional question.

King County Superior Court Judge John Ruhl ruled in a Wednesday that Seattle did not have the authority to impose the tax because state law prohibits tax on net income.

More Mueller Leaks

The New York Times has published another.

Lawyers for Michael T Flynn, President Trump’s former national security adviser, notified the president’s legal team in recent days that they could no longer discuss the special counsel’s investigation, according to four people involved in the case….

Who might those “four people” be?  They can only be from Flynn’s team, from President Donald Trump’s team, or from Robert Mueller’s team.

Flynn’s team has no particular reason to leak, nothing to gain; although Flynn plainly has reason to cut the ties—he’s looking to trade favorables to Mueller in return for favorables back.

Climate and Atmospheric CO2

In a piece on Watts Up With That, Eric Worrall explored the relationship between atmospheric CO2 and temperature.  (Yes, yes, I know the science is settled, but the fact is the only thing settled is the pseudo-science nesting in the fetid imaginations of climate “science” funding industry personages.  The rest of us keep asking rude questions.)

Baristas, Bikinis, and Harvey Weinstein

Everett, WA, has passed two ordinances that presume to define “lewd” behavior and forces employees to stop wearing bikinis on the job or otherwise showing “too much” skin.  Everett, it seems, has too many coffee shops that employee bikini-clad baristas to suit the prim town fathers.

After all, they claim,

The skin-flaunting coffee servers could turn men into the next Harvey Weinstein.

This is just projection.  These Liberals, with their two ordinances, confess their weakness of character, their own lack of morality, their own inability to resist temptation, and they insultingly assume that all of us are as weak, amoral, and temptation-accepting as they are.