Who’s in Charge of our Defense Policy?

And why have these obstructionists not been fired?

In a pre-taped interview shown Sunday, the interviewer asked President Joe Biden (D) whether the US would defend the Republic of China (the politically correct interviewer referred to “Taiwan”), and Biden said, “Yes.”

Yes, if in fact there was an unprecedented attack[.]

The interviewer pressed Biden.

Interviewer: So unlike Ukraine, to be clear, sir, US Forces, US men and women would defend Taiwan in the event of a Chinese invasion?
Biden: Yes.

When the interview aired, CBS

Saul Alinsky Lives

And the Progressive-Democrat administration can’t handle it. Regarding some governors transporting illegal aliens to Progressive-Democrat-run cities and homes (the way President Joe Biden (D) has been doing all over our nation, I add), Power Line noted this:

Governors Abbott and DeSantis have put several of Alinsky’s rules in play Among them:

  • Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules.
  • Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.
  • A good tactic is one your people enjoy.
  • Keep the pressure on.
  • The price of a successful attack is a constructive alternative.

“Dereliction of Duty”

After a second busload of illegal aliens were delivered to Vice President Kamala Harris’ (D) residence so that she could see to their care as her duty as Border Tsar would seem to require of her, Harris objected [ellipsis in the original].

I think it is the height of irresponsibility…frankly, a dereliction of duty, when you are an elected leader, to play those kinds of games with human life.

Indeed it is. The derelictions of duty are two. One is elected official Harris’ (D) refusal to visit our southern border to see with her own eyes (or to publicly avert them) the disaster in progress there, despite her being the Border Tsar since shortly after her ascension to office.

A Tacit Admission?

Attorney General Merrick Garland (D) has filed his appeal (to the 11th Circuit) of the Federal district judge’s order blocking the DoJ from using certain documents seized in the DoJ’s Mar-a-Lago raid in its criminal investigation. That order parallels the judge’s appointment of a Special Master to oversee and sort through all of the seized documents. Garland’s appeal reads, in pertinent part,

Although the government believes the district court fundamentally erred in appointing a special master and granting injunctive relief, the government seeks to stay only the portions of the order causing the most serious and immediate harm to the government and the public by (1) restricting the government’s review and use of records bearing classification markings and (2) requiring the government to disclose those records for a special-master review process[.]

Backdoor Guaranteed Income

The DC city council is getting ready to give holders of the city’s municipal bus and rail system fare cards a recurring $100 balance. Card holders will have that much fare money given to them, repetitively, by the taxpayers among the District’s residents (given to themselves to the extent there’s overlap between the two groups).

A slice of guaranteed income for council-approved persons. If Mayor Muriel Bowser’s (D) government were serious about lowering city transportation costs for its residents, those personages could, instead, simply lower the fares, so that all the residents could share in the program.

But, no….

Progressive-Democratic Party Censorship

There is a bill, the Journalism Competition and Preservation Act, wending its way through the Senate that’s intended to let local news outlets band together to get enough scale to negotiate with Big Tech social media on a less uneven footing for payment from those outlets for their use of content that is taken by those social media and republished.

Senator Ted Cruz (R, TX) proposed an amendment that would plainly and explicitly prohibit[] payment negotiations from including discussion of content moderationi.e., that would bar Big Tech from engaging in its penchant for censorship during payment negotiations. Cruz’ amendment wouldn’t even ban content moderation altogether, just during those content payment talks.

Inflation? What Inflation?

President Joe Biden (D) and his White House spokesmen have been bragging about what a strong economy we have.

Even CNN waved the BS flag at that. Here’s how strong our economy really is.

The Labor Department on Tuesday reported its consumer-price index rose 8.3% in August from the same month a year ago [albeit down slightly from the prior two months’ year-on-year inflation]


[C]ore CPI, which excludes often volatile energy and food prices, increased 6.3% in August from a year earlier, up markedly from the 5.9% rate in both June and July


The IRS as Political Tool

It’s not the tax collection agency it’s made out to be. We all recall, for instance, the IRS’ Lois Lerner-run Exempt Organizations Unit targeting Conservative tax-exempt organizations, slow-walking or outright denying those organizations tax-exempt status purely for political reasons, without consideration of how well they met statutory criteria for the status.

It’s also been well-publicized that the IRS has been funded for next year to hire 87,000 agents for the ostensible purpose of increasing audits of the Evil Rich, and the agency is buying ammunition and hiring agents who are willing to use lethal force in the course of their “duties.”

Biden’s Humane Border Policy

President Joe Biden (D) says his No Southern Border Policy is very humane.

Here’s an example of how humane his policy is. Eagle Pass Fire Department Chief Manuel Mello III:

There are so many bodies being recovered that the morticians are asking for assistance. I had never seen so many drownings like we’re seeing right now.
We do a body recovery daily….

And this, summarizing Mello:

When Mello joined the fire department over 25 years ago, there would be only 12 body recoveries a year. Now, there are about 30 a month, he said.

Xenophobia and Racism

That’s how Progressive-Democratic Party politicians describe Conservatives’ and Republicans’ efforts to control our southern border and earlier to prevent the massive influx of illegal aliens and now to stop the flood that’s happening.

It’s racist to try to prevent all those illegal aliens from entering because so many of them happen to brown-skinned.

It’s xenophobic to try to stop all those illegal aliens from entering because all of them are…foreigners.

Now DC Mayor Muriel Bowser (D) has declared an emergency over illegal aliens being transferred from the southern border to the city of which she’s mayor. All 10,000 of them, so far, compared to the millions flooding across our southern border.