Another Vast Right Wing Conspiracy

There is a nascent movement, the #WalkAway movement, that for the last five months has been urging those disgruntled with the Progressive-Democratic Party to leave the party and form a different one.

Some said the Democratic Party has become hate-filled and hostile to opposing points of view while moving further to the left. Others say they were tired of the party’s “politically correct” culture.

The movement appears to have gained steam from the Kavanaugh hearing travesty.

Political Debates

New York’s Governor Andrew Cuomo (D) and Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D) seem terrified of them.  Cuomo has flatly refused to risk a debate with his Republican challenger, Marc Molinaro, and Gillibrand reneged—at the last minute—on a commitment to last Sunday’s scheduled debate with her Republican challenger, Chele Farley.

It’s not too late, though.  Both Molinaro and Farley should debate empty chairs, and their final question should be “What are you so terrified of?”

The New Left

The modern Left and their Progressive-Democratic Party are showing their true heart, and there’s no room for freedom in it; there’s not even room for disagreement.

The Progressive-Democrat movement already has attempted to mass murder Republican Congressmen gathered for a baseball practice, nearly succeeding in the case of Steve Scalise (R, LA).

Now we have two Republican candidates for Minnesota state office being assaulted.

One suffered a concussion from his assault; the other was assaulted as she (!) tried to prevent the theft of campaign yard signs already erected in yards.

A Thought on Reason

Peggy Noonan had some thoughts on reason, centered on the just concluded confirmation process for Justice Brett Kavanaugh and Senator Susan Collins’ (R, ME) analysis of her reasons for voting for his confirmation.

I have a couple of thoughts on a couple of Noonan’s thoughts.

Susan Collins put on a clinic in thoroughness and justice. Democrats need to stand up to the screamers.

Noonan needs to understand: the Progressive-Democrats are the screamers.

A word on the destructive theatrics we now see gripping parts of the Democratic Party. … Do you know how that sounded to normal people, Republican and Democratic and unaffiliated?

The New Left

There can be no reasoning, no rational debate anymore with the Progressive-Democratic Party and the Left in general.  This is made clear by the statements luminaries of that collection have made in recent days—confirming their behavior during the Kavanaugh confirmation process just concluded, during which they actively rejected a foundation of liberty: innocent until proven guilty.  Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D, NY) was the loudest on this, saying outright that then-Judge Brett Kavanaugh had to personally authorize an investigation into himself or he would show himself guilty.

Consider a Possibility

Our ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley, will resign her position at the end of the year.  She told President Donald Trump her intention six months ago.

That raises a couple of thoughts in my pea brain.  One is to watch the utter vitriol, hatred, and character assassination with which the Progressive-Democrats will try to block any Trump replacement nominee from confirmation.

Beyond that: Nikki Haley for President in ’24.  Consider further: Lindsey Graham for VP (unless we still need the Republican numbers in the Senate to protect the Supreme Court).  (If Graham proves unavailable, how about Congresswoman Mia Love (R, UT)?  It’d be fun to watch the Party of Identity Politics campaign against that ticket.)


Congressman Andy Harris (R, MD) had an op-ed in Wednesday’s Wall Street Journal in which he decried the quality of current discourse and its lack of basic norms of decency. He closed his piece with a bit of naïve hope:

We must return to civility. We need to be able to agree to disagree, and express our disagreements through the democratic process.

That would be nice. However, notice that it was persons of the Left attacking Conservatives and people of the center right whom he described. The Progressive-Democratic Party has become the party of character assassination and destruction.  While they are not—yet—antifa dominated, the Party’s methods are those of the worst of the Left’s thugs.

Taxes and Caps

Howard Gleckman, Senior Fellow at the Tax Policy Center, wants the $10,000 cap on the federal deduction for state and local taxes repealed.  After all, he worries [emphasis added],

what will happen to state budgets if high-income residents resist tax increases that are now less subsidized by the federal revenue code[?]

Further, Gleckman is arguing,

restoring the old distortion “may indirectly benefit low- and moderate-income households” by propping up state spending.


Recall the deal brokered by Senators Jeff Flake (R, AZ) and his BFF Chris Coons (R, DE) wherein Flake would sell his vote for confirmation of Supreme Court Justice nominee Brett Kavanaugh in return for a new, week-long FBI investigation specifically into Dr Christine Blasey Ford’s (and one other woman’s) accusation of sexual assault against Kavanaugh.  Recall further that, no sooner had the Senate Judiciary Committee completed its committee vote on the confirmation, Coons was talking to the press about how the FBI should not be limited; the agents should be free to investigate any further allegations that might be generated come up during that week.


On Chris Wallace’s Fox News Sunday last weekend, Mo Elleithee, 20 years a communications strategist for the Progressive-Democratic Party, said he had a daughter and a son. Then he said that if her daughter were assaulted and named her assailant, even if she couldn’t corroborate, if her claim were merely plausible (for instance, firm evidence that she had been assaulted), she should be believed and her assailant jailed.