Trigger Warning

American University’s student government president Devontae Torriente, in a move all too typical of our colleges and universities, wants everything taught at the school to come with a trigger warning.

The fact of the matter is, trigger warnings are necessary in order to make our academic spaces accessible to all students, especially those who have experienced trauma[.]

Sure.  Because the dear ones are unable to overcome their hurt feelings and learn to think.


Not to be confused with BLM.  Don’t you dare confuse the two.

The clown community in Tucson, Arizona organized a “Clown Lives Matter” march Wednesday that’s set to take place October 15 in reaction to the reports of “killer clowns” terrorizing communities and the rumors on social media fanning the fears of clown attacks, according to KGUN9-TV.


“This is a peaceful way to show clowns are not psycho killers,” a flyer seen in Tucson read. “We want the public to feel safe, and not be afraid. So come out, bring the family, meet a clown and get a hug!”

A Howard Dean Apology

Recall that the Democrat Howard Dean accused Republican Party Presidential candidate Donald Trump of being on cocaine.howarddeantweet

After the hoo-raw that rose over Dean’s scurrilous accusation, Dean said this to MSNBC‘s Stephanie Ruhle:

I apologize for using innuendo. I don’t think it’s a good thing to do, I don’t think it’s the right thing to do…. I’m not unwilling to apologize for using innuendo.

Notice that.  Dean apologized for beating around the bush (which he didn’t actually do; Dean was quite direct in that tweet of his) with his accusation about Trump being on cocaine.

The VA Strikes Again

Reform the Veterans Administration?  It’s still not happening.  It’s hard to believe the folks nominally in charge (they can’t be termed “leadership”) are even trying.

An Illinois Veterans Affairs hospital already under fire for excessive wait times, festering black mold and kitchen cockroaches faces a new shame—the bodies of dead patients left unclaimed in the morgue for up to two months without proper burial, whistleblower documents allege.

One example of the VA’s…failure…here is in this string of emails, beginning 7 Dec 2015, that a whistleblower provided outside authorities.

Federal Funding for Medicaid

Medicaid is a State-run program for providing a measure of medical service for that State’s relatively indigent citizens.  The program is State-run, but it’s jointly funded by the State’s taxpayers and by the nation’s taxpayers via Federal funds transferred to each State for the purpose.  I’ve often written that Federal funds for Medicaid should be ended and that the States should  be allowed to fund and manage their Medicaid programs alone—without Federal funding and associated Federal interference.

Here’s another reason to end Federal funding for a State’s Medicaid program.

A Primal Scream

There’s Harry Reid, and there’s Howard Dean.howarddeantweet

Donald Trump’s case of the sniffles at Monday’s debate prompted a bizarre charge from onetime Democratic presidential candidate Howard Dean, who mused on Twitter that the GOP candidate may be a “coke user.”

Another senseless primal scream from Dean, who is checked out on senseless primal screams.


And only some people have to follow them.

Recall the febrile howling by Senator Elizabeth Warren (D, MA) as she applied her inquisition to Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf over Wells’ customer service failure that led to the firings of several thousand (now ex-) employees over their falsely creating customer accounts in order to meet sales quotas.  “You belong in jail,” she shouted, and she demanded further that Wells claw back over this corporate failure any and all bonuses that Wells executives had received.

Respect for our Nation

Here is an illustration of what the Left—what Democrats—think of our nation.  Recall NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s “protest” against our flag and our nation, wherein he shows his disdain by kneeling during our national anthem.  Now the infection has spread to a State government.

State Senator Jamilah Nasheed, a St Louis Democrat, refused to stand while her colleagues recited the Pledge of Allegiance in the state Capitol. She said her silent protest on the Senate floor was intended to show solidarity with the San Francisco 49ers quarterback.

Democrats just don’t like our nation, apparently.

Pardon Me?

There is a campaign afoot by folks like George Soros, Daniel Radcliffe, Susan Sarandon; other guys of the Left including Steve Wozniak and Jimmy Wales; the ACLU, Human Rights Watch, and Amnesty International to get President Barack Obama (D) to pardon Edward Snowden.  It’s not beyond the realm of possibility, either; recall President Bill Clinton’s (D) pardon frenzy in his last days in office.

Anthony Romero, ACLU’s National Director, even acknowledges that Snowden broke the law, but that shouldn’t matter—there are mitigating circumstances.

Symbolism Matters

But so do actions.

Alex Taunton asked if he should take a knee, too; he decided not.

Kaepernick taking a knee can be a useful symbol—but with what concrete action is he linking it?

As Taunton noted, acts of protest need at least to be connected to the thing protested, they need to be concrete as well as symbolic.

To which I add, acts of protest are not that when all they are are acts of ego.

Read Taunton’s piece at the link above.