A Progressive-Democrat Governor’s View

…of the intelligence and responsibility of American citizens, including particularly Kentucky citizens.

Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear (D) has said he’s going to identify, track, and isolate Kentucky citizens who dare go to their church’s Easter services. His excuse—and that’s all it is, a cynical rationalization—for his government’s surveillance of a broad swath of citizens is the present Wuhan Virus situation.

It’s for the greater good, you see.

I hear people say, “It’s my choice”. Well, it’s not the person next to you’s choice….

A Bit of NLMSM Racism

Surgeon General Jerome Adams, in last Friday’s Wuhan Virus situation update, talked about the need, especially for minorities, to observe the CDC’s recommendations for staying at home as much as possible and staying safe.  He did so, too, in vernacular.

United Nations and Racism

The UN’s World Health Organization has come under fire for its pandering to the People’s Republic of China over the latter’s mishandling of the Wuhan Virus situation, a pandemic that originated in the PRC’s Wuhan, Hubei Province.

Now the WHO’s chief, Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, is crying racism by the Republic of China because the RoC has been one of the vocal critics.

Tedros claimed he had been personally attacked, had suffered racist abuse and had even received death threats.
”This attack came from Taiwan,” said the WHO chief, who is a former Ethiopian health and foreign minister and the organization’s first African leader.

Propaganda and the Press

At the Monday President Donald Trump-hosted daily press conference about the status of the Wuhan Virus situation in the US, a reporter representing Hong Kong Phoenix TV asked a question prefaced with a long tout of the People’s Republic of China shipping medical supplies to the US (coincidentally omitting to mention how defective PRC-originated medical supplies tend to be).

Trump called her on her affiliation; she mumbled about representing Hong Kong Phoenix TV, but weasel-worded her employer’s association with the PRC government.

However. According to an ex-Phoenix TV news director,

Making the Case

Senator Marco Rubio (R, FL) decried journalists’ touting America’s Wuhan Virus death rates as being greater than the People’s Republic of China’s.  “Grotesque,” he tweeted about it.  And he’s being generous, I say.

Naturally, journalists’ feelings were hurt by that, and they bellyached loudly.  Michelle Goldberg, for instance:

Journalists are concentrated in cities that are being ravaged by a plague that could have been better contained with a competent president. They’re lonely and scared and reporting while homeschooling their kids. No one feels glee or delight. Some of us feel white hot rage[.]

In Defense of an Election Defeat

Ex-Congressman Dan Lipinski (D, IL) lost his State’s primary election largely—almost entirely—because of his pro-life position on abortion.  He wrote an op-ed for The Wall Street Journal explaining how that loss came about:

I faced it [the question of whether he should have changed his abortion stance to win the primary] head-on in my statement. I defended my pro-life position, which is rooted in both my Catholic faith and science. “I could never give up protecting the most vulnerable human beings in the world, simply to win an election,” I said. “My faith teaches, and the Democratic Party preaches, that we should serve everyone, especially the most vulnerable. …”

America’s Olympic Sports Organizations are Losing Money?

In spades, according to the US Olympic & Paralympic Committee:

…America’s amateur sports organizations stand to lose as much as $800 million from coronavirus-driven cancellations, including the postponement of the 2020 Tokyo Games until next year.

Color me unsympathetic. At least not until after the various civil and criminal cases over the women and girl athlete sexual and child abuses so rampant in our sports scamps—especially our Olympic and Olympic-prep camps—have finished their trek through our courts, and convicted miscreants are paying their compensatory damages and/or are serving their times in jail.

Supply Chain Disruption at the Source

Retailers are beginning to suspend, or cancel outright, orders from their Asian factories and other suppliers.  So far, it’s intended to be temporary; for example:

Ulrika Isaksson, an H&M spokeswoman, said “our long-term commitment to suppliers will remain intact, but in this extreme situation we need to respond fast.”

The suspensions and cancelations might—might—seem warranted regarding Asian suppliers, but the temporary nature of them, to the extent they’re warranted at all, should be limited to South and East Asia—in the main, Vietnam, Republic of Korea, and Japan.

Progressive-Democrats and Crises

We’re seeing their execution of Rahm Emanuel’s theory in spades these days.  The Republican-majority Senate has a proposal in the Senate, agreed in bipartisan fashion with Progressive-Democrat Senators that would aid average Americans and the small, medium, and large businesses—including our farmers and ranchers—weather the government-mandated shutdown of our economy in response to the present Wuhan Virus situation.

The bill would provide loans to businesses to help tide them over the current loss of revenue—many of the loans converted to grants if the businesses retain their employees on the payrolls.


…and fake apologies.

Recall that Doctor Li Wenliang, a resident of Wuhan, Hubei Province, People’s Republic of China and an ophthalmologist at Wuhan Central Hospital, gave early warnings about the dangers and contagious nature of the Wuhan virus. Recall further that subsequent to his warnings, the police were sicced on him and that they threatened him if he didn’t shut the hell up. Li subsequently died of that same Wuhan virus.

Now the Communist Party of China is pretending to apologize to his family for that behavior.