Amorality of the Progressive-Democratic Party

Senior advisors of Progressive-Democrat President Joe Biden’s reelection effort are worried.

Some of President Biden’s senior aides are becoming increasingly worried that his support for Israel’s war in Gaza risks damaging his re-election prospects amid cratering support from young voters.

Make no mistake about it: those senior aides are far more typical of the Progressive-Democratic Party than are others who support Biden’s nominal support for Israel.

Party putting its power ahead of pushing for what’s right regarding terrorism. That’s what’s campaigning for government positions at all levels of government in our nation.

Contemptibly Unsurprising

Israel has uncovered evidence that UNRWA operatives personnel participated in Hamas’ 7 October ’23 butchery inside Israel, and the nation has passed that evidence along to relevant authorities, including to the UN.

The commissioner-general of the UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East announced Friday that UNRWA was suspending the alleged participants and launching an investigation.

Suspended their employees—ooh—that’ll show them. UNRWA will conduct an investigation? Say, rather, UNRWA will whitewash itself.

A Department of Veterans Affairs Fail

Yet another in an appallingly long list of Veterans Affairs fails.

This time it’s the VA’s conscious decision to deprecate, if not outright ignore, our nation’s veterans and to give priority access to limited resources to illegal aliens instead. Yes, yes, they signed a contract with ICE to do this, but they were not forced to do so. Here’s Senator Marsha Blackburn (R, TN):

A Death Penalty Revival

Former President Donald Trump (R) revived the use of the death penalty after a hiatus of some duration, and President Joe Biden (D) has moved to deprecate the death penalty anew, even if inconsistently so.

I confess to being conflicted regarding the death penalty. There are some crimes so heinous that they cry out for execution of the criminal. Rape, especially of children, and premeditated murder come to mind for me, along with mass and serial murder.

Why Ukraine Must Win

Former Russian President and current head of the Vladimir Putin-supporting United Russia Party and Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of Russia, which coordinates and integrates Russian national security policy, posted this call for the utter destruction of Ukraine and threat of Ukrainian people’s extermination if they did not submit on Telegram, a message service used extensively by Ukraine and Russia, among others.

The Russian’s original:

Дмитрий Медведев
Почему Украина опасна для её жителей

Существование Украины смертельно опасно для украинцев. И я имею в виду отнюдь не только нынешнее государство, бандеровский политический режим. Я говорю о любой, совершенно любой Украине.

Racism, Arrogance Against Election Integrity

In the aftermath of the 2020 election confusions in Georgia (both general and runoff), that State passed its Election Integrity Act that, among other things, shortened Georgia’s early voting period from nine weeks to four, reduced the window for mail-in ballots, and moved the deadline for registering to vote to 29 days before an election.

The Sixth Dist. of the Afr. Methodist Episcopal Church, the Ga. State Conf. of the NAACP, and The Concerned Black Clergy of Metro. Atlanta Inc., joined by the Federal government’s DoJ, sued to strike the law as voter suppressing—the stricter voting period unfairly discriminates against Black voters, among other complaints.

Racism Strikes Deep

Chicago’s Progressive-Democrat Mayor Brandon Johnson is making his go-to move regarding the influx of illegal aliens Chicago is experiencing (I don’t say “suffering;” that’s what Texas and Arizona border cities and towns are doing): he’s playing his race card in objecting to Texas’ Republican Governor Gregg Abbott helping the illegal aliens flooding across his State’s border to accept Brandon’s open-arms invitation of them with his loud and proud sanctuary city status.

…Johnson condemned Governor Greg Abbott…in a recent MSNBC appearance, arguing he has been “attacking” cities run by Black leaders with waves of migrants.

Where Does Harvard Go From Here?

That’s the question The Wall Street Journal asked in its Wednesday article.

Melissa Korn, the article’s author, proposed this in all seriousness.

The governing board and interim leaders will first need to address concern from some faculty and alums that the school has drifted too far to the left, with a growing emphasis on ethnic studies and diversity, while also fielding complaints from others that it hasn’t gone far enough in addressing racial inequities on campus and in society at large.

President Plagiarist

Harvard’s, not the one currently sitting, on occasion, in the White House. Claudine Gay has been caught out again.

Seven of Gay’s 17 published works have already been impacted by the scandal, but the new charges, which have not been previously reported, extend into an eighth: In a 2001 article, Gay lifts nearly half a page of material verbatim from another scholar, David Canon, a political science professor at the University of Wisconsin.
That article, The Effect of Minority Districts and Minority Representation on Political Participation in California, includes some of the most extreme and clear-cut cases of plagiarism yet. At one point, Gay borrows four sentences from Canon’s 1999 book, Race, Redistricting, and Representation: The Unintended Consequences of Black Majority Districts, without quotation marks and with only minor semantic tweaks. She does not cite Canon anywhere in or near the passage, though he does appear in the bibliography.