Too Bad, So Sad

It seems that Philadelphia is going to be the latest recipient of illegal aliens bused from Texas.

Cue the whining, this time from Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney’s spokesman.

This information was relayed to us from a community partner organization as Texas officials have not coordinated with the city. We do not have an exact location of where the bus will disembark, nor do we have any specific information about those on board, nor do we know if other buses are planned.

Neither do any of the cities getting the illegal aliens Biden flies in in the dark of night get any warning of arrival or of when they’re departing.

Neither do any of the cities in the border States get any warning of the illegal aliens streaming across our open southern border—other than the fact of that steady flow; 2.3 million illegal aliens in Fiscal 2022 alone.

Neither do any of us get any indication of when the Biden administration will start taking this border and illegal alien disaster seriously.

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