Virtue Signaling

Recall the climatistas who have been running around (sort of) gluing themselves to museum art, throwing messy food at the art, and one group, pleased to call themselves scientists, even glued themselves to the floor of a luxury sports car dealership showroom floor. All that in the name of saving the planet from overheating. (In that last case, dealership management just left them there, refusing to feed them or give them bowls into which to empty their bladders and bowels. Management just closed up and turned out the lights. Good for dealership management).

Now other climatistas are calling out these self-gluers. Danielle Butcher, American Conservation Coalition Executive Vice President:

Activists are trying to deface property and artwork specifically because it is shocking. The tactics, they’re focused on sparking conversation, whatever that means, but they’re not actually helping the environment tangibly.

Whatever that means, indeed.

Addressing only the self-gluers, I note Mason Cooley’s remark: Virtue sometimes pretends. Vice is always sincere.

Butcher went on:

You cannot annoy people into agreeing with you.
And certainly throwing mashed potatoes or glue or soup or dumping milk on a grocery store floor, those are not ways that you convince people you are in the right position[.]

On the other hand, “you” cannot always convince folks to agree with you when you cynically omit key facts, here related to Earth’s evolving climate. Facts like we’ve been hotter with lush life, and we’ve had higher atmospheric CO2 concentrations with lush life, and those periods do not correlate with each other.

Oh, and we’re still cooler than the geologic planetary warming trend line 11,000 years after the end of the last Ice Age.

Maybe Cooley’s remark applies here, too.

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