Xenophobia and Racism

That’s how Progressive-Democratic Party politicians describe Conservatives’ and Republicans’ efforts to control our southern border and earlier to prevent the massive influx of illegal aliens and now to stop the flood that’s happening.

It’s racist to try to prevent all those illegal aliens from entering because so many of them happen to brown-skinned.

It’s xenophobic to try to stop all those illegal aliens from entering because all of them are…foreigners.

Now DC Mayor Muriel Bowser (D) has declared an emergency over illegal aliens being transferred from the southern border to the city of which she’s mayor. All 10,000 of them, so far, compared to the millions flooding across our southern border.

Bowser claims her move is to enable DC to set up an Office of Migrant Services to better serve the influx of illegal aliens. The office, though, looks more like a considered effort to keep the illegal aliens carefully segregated from the residents of the city. The mayor of a sanctuary city objects to even those few brown-skinned foreigners coming into her city, and she wants them kept apart.

It’s not just Bowser, though. The mayor of another sanctuary city, Chicago’s Lori Lightfoot (D), also objects to brown-skinned foreigners coming into her city. She’s ejecting them from Chicago and kicking them to surrounding suburbs.

Go figure.

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