Alejandro Mayorkas’ Secure Border

The border crossings by illegal aliens are rapidly expanding, even as DHS Alejandro Mayorkas insists our border is entirely secure.

[Daily Caller] Reporter Jorge Ventura said on Fox & Friends Monday he recorded hundreds of illegal immigrants running across the southern border into Yuma, Arizona.

Ventura said,

We saw hundreds and hundreds. I encountered just in a couple of hours migrants from 11 different countries from Georgia, India, Russia, Uzbekistan, Pakistan, Brazil, Peru, Colombia, Cuba, Nicaragua, Venezuela, and even Afghanistan. And I ran into massive amount of groups of single males, which you don’t really see down at the border[.]

It’s a matter of perspective, I suppose. Our border is secure: the illegal aliens are secure in their illegal crossings. Including the 43 terrorists Mayorkas let in and now has no idea where they are—or chose not to track them at all.

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