Wrong Answer

President Joe Biden (D) and his equally progressive crony DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas now intend to move illegal aliens crossing our border into the interior of our nation, at taxpayer expense, where they will live in accommodations also provided at taxpayer expense.

The plan is designed to lessen the crowding now taking place along the border, where illegal immigrants have flooded the shelters in many cities, causing Customs and Border Protection agents to reportedly release the crossers onto the streets.

This, of course, is the wrong answer to the (over)crowding now occurring along our border.

The right answer is to not have the crowding at all, by not allowing the illegal aliens to come into our nation in the first place, and to promptly deport those who do cross our border illegally and are subsequently caught.

No one—not armies, not individuals, not collections of individuals—has any intrinsic right to enter another country without that country’s prior permission. No country has any intrinsic obligation to grant that permission. Borders and permission-granted entries are how a nation protects its own culture—and in the particular case of the United States, it’s how we protect the American culture and opportunities that make our nation a desirable place to live and to come to.

But the Biden administration knows this. The flooding of our nation with illegal aliens is one aspect of Joe Biden’s and his predecessor and BFF/mentor, ex-President Barack Obama’s (D), promises to fundamentally transform America.

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