Open Season on Women and Children

The Progressive-Democrats of Seattle have declared one.

The worsening staffing crisis at the Seattle Police Department has forced the defunded force to no longer take on new adult sexual assault cases this year, according to a newly revealed internal memo.

In the memo, titled “Staffing Issues,” Sgt. Pamela St. John said she currently is not able to assign new adult sexual assault cases “because of other statutory requirements.”
Just three years ago, the unit had 12 skilled detectives, but at the time the memo was written, there are only four remaining.


In the memo, St. John acknowledged that she was aware of 116 CODIS [Combined DNA Index System] hit returns that are outside the Cold Case backlog, which “I am not able to assign currently.”

It’s hard to believe that the Progressive-Democrats running Seattle weren’t aware that this sort of outcome would occur as a result of their determined defunding of the city’s police department. It’s plain that they know now, yet they continue to insist on defunding even further the city’s police.

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