On the Matter of the Capital Police…

…officer entering a Republican Congressman’s Capital Building offices and photographing his writings on his office white board. There’s this from the Capital Police Department Inspector General:

The officer reported that during a routine patrol he found the door to [Congressman Troy (R, TX] Nehls’ office was wide open and “nothing was being used to prop the door open.” The officer said he entered to ensure there was no danger, then discovered the writings on the white board and photographed them because he considered them suspicious.
But the inspector general reviewed the doors to Nehls’ office and could not replicate keeping any of the congressman’s office doors open without having them propped by an item.
“All three doors only opened inward into the office suite and would close automatically when released,” the IG noted. “All three doors also automatically locked when closed during the examination.
“The only method of keeping one of these doors open on its own would be to prop it open with an object or to set the lock bolt in place when the door was open, in which case the door would only partially close due to the lock bolt preventing the door from fully closing.”

The officer personally considered what was written on the white board—legislative plans, according to Nehls—”suspicious.” And he lied about the door being wide open and unpropped.


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