Good Union Jobs

But not good enough for President Joe Biden (D).  Recall that Biden ran on “good union jobs,” among other causes, and that phrase—”good union jobs”—became so ubiquitous in his speeches as to resemble a tic.

But not all union jobs—labor is another area where Progressive-Democrats choose winners and losers. When Biden killed the Keystone XL pipeline, he killed roughly 11,000 good union construction, construction-related, and ancillary jobs. No matter: Progressive-Democrats, led by Biden, don’t approve of those jobs.

And that doesn’t begin to address the job losses in Canada, jobs that depended on both the pipeline construction and on the subsequent flow of oil.

2 thoughts on “Good Union Jobs

  1. And apparently another 5,000 jobs axed stopping the border construction already in progress. But then, construction jobs mean building actual stuff, something the Progs haven’t done for decades. Despite all their talk.

    • In addition to those jobs are billions of taxpayer dollars owed the construction companies as contract termination fees/penalties.
      And tens or hundreds of millions more taxpayer dollars spent on mothballing equipment and tying off the ends of walls, wall pits, etc to minimize deterioration of uncompleted construction.
      Eric Hines

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