Lies and Bigotries of Joe Biden

Now that the Progressive-Democratic Party has finished its nominating process and formally put Joe Biden at the top of its Presidential candidate ticket, it’s useful to look at him.


  • Plagiarized college papers
  • Plagiarized campaign speeches
  • Claimed to have marched with protesters during the civil rights movement when he had not—had not even been an activist
  • Repeated the civil rights activism lie during the just-concluded primary campaign
  • Presaging a Hillary Clinton lie, claimed during a 2007 presidential primary debate that he’d been “shot at” while visiting Iraq
  • During this year’s primary campaign, claimed he’d been arrested in South Africa while trying to see the anti-apartheid leader Nelson Mandela


  • Said on an earlier campaign trail, You cannot go to a 7-Eleven or a Dunkin’ Donuts unless you have a slight Indian accent
  • Called then-Presidential candidate and campaign rival Barack Obama the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy
  • Republicans want to put blacks in chains
  • 15% of Americans are just no good
  • If you don’t support me, you ain’t black
  • Picked his running mate on the basis, first, of her sex and, second, of her skin color
  • Poor kids are just as bright and talented as white kids
  • Bragged about working well with and getting along well with openly avowed segregationists, Senators James Eastland (D, MI) and Herman Talmadge (D,GA)


  • Told a reporter he had a higher IQ than the reporter when the latter questioned his law school record
  • At a townhall, called a questioner a liar
  • At another townhall, called a questioner a lying dog-faced pony soldier
  • At an impromptu outdoor gathering, called a questioner a liar
  • At another townhall, challenged a questioner to a pushup contest in irritated, non sequitur response to a question

Progressive-Democrats claim to be all about character in any candidate who would be President. This is the character of the man they want for President.

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