Even a Progressive-Democrat…

…is starting to figure it out.

A Chicago Democrat running for the Illinois House is calling out Mayor Brandon Johnson for allowing migrants to “invade” the Windy City.

Fox & Friends co-host Lawrence Jones did a walk-along with Smith, who showed Jones

two shuttered buildings now sheltering migrants—an academy for young women and a health center that once serviced patients struggling financially. Smith said both were closed due to lack of funds.
“You tell us that there’s no funding or the lack of funding. But then you bring migrants in and make them shelters. That’s not the American way,” Smith said.
“They have the funding. And every now and then they say, ‘Hey, we found more millions, we found more money.'”

That dishonesty and that favoring illegal aliens over American citizens and legally resident aliens in Chicago is all too typical of the Progressive-Democratic Party.

Smith is in the Illinois Progressive-Democratic Party primary for the Illinois House against incumbent Kimberly du Buclet. Unfortunately, Smith has no serious influence within Party; from Party’s perspective, he’s a rogue and not to be listened to. It’ll be instructive to see the level of support from Party rank and file that he gets over the course of his primary campaign.

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