Racism Strikes Deep

Chicago’s Progressive-Democrat Mayor Brandon Johnson is making his go-to move regarding the influx of illegal aliens Chicago is experiencing (I don’t say “suffering;” that’s what Texas and Arizona border cities and towns are doing): he’s playing his race card in objecting to Texas’ Republican Governor Gregg Abbott helping the illegal aliens flooding across his State’s border to accept Brandon’s open-arms invitation of them with his loud and proud sanctuary city status.

…Johnson condemned Governor Greg Abbott…in a recent MSNBC appearance, arguing he has been “attacking” cities run by Black leaders with waves of migrants.

No, Abbott is transporting illegal aliens, all of whom are volunteers for the trip, to sanctuary cities. Providing sanctuary to illegal aliens is the destination selection criterion. That cities that satisfy that criterion happen to be run by Progressive-Democrats is just that—an irrelevant happenstance. And that those Progressive-Democrats running sanctuary cities happen to be black is just that—an even further remote irrelevant happenstance.

Only a racist manufactures a race beef when there is no beef to be had, and it’s especially pernicious when the race card player knows full well there’s no race beef to be had.

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