It’s all on the Federal Government?

Give us more Federal money, Denver’s Progressive-Democrat Mayor Mike Johnston and his Progressive-Democrat-run city counterparts are demanding.

Johnston previously warned that the border crisis will “crush city budgets around the country,” as he expects 10% of Denver’s entire budget to go toward aiding migrants.
“I have called the White House,” Johnston told [Fox NewsAmerica’s Newsroom] hosts Bill Hemmer and Dana Perino. “We’ve told them we need more federal aid. That’s why there’s dollars in that supplemental budget to do that.”

New York City’s Progressive-Democrat Mayor Eric Adams:

The federal government must take responsibility and lead on this humanitarian crisis[.]

Chicago’s Progressive-Democratic Mayor Brandon Johnson:

We need the federal government to lean in and provide more financial assistance. All of our cities have reached a point where we are either close to capacity, or nearly out of room.

Progressive-Democratic Party politicians, and their Leftist supporters at large, always demand more of other people’s money while accepting recognizing no responsibility of their own for the outcomes they’re facing.

It’s true enough that the Biden administration needs actually to defend our borders; working that successfully would go a long way to stem the flow into all of our nation’s cities, but especially into our border cities and towns. These are the places that are being truly overrun; those Leftist whiners aren’t getting but a taste of what Biden’s failure to perform is inflicting there.

Still, there’s much that these Party mayors can do on their own initiative, for the benefit of the cities over which they reign. It begins with those mayors recognizing that they (nor does our nation at large) do not have a problem with a flood of migrants. They have a problem with a flood of illegal aliens.

They then could proceed with stopping inviting these illegal aliens into their cities with open arms: they could stop being sanctuary cities for these illegal aliens.

Johnston then could stop burning 10% of his city’s budget on aiding his illegal aliens and instead commit that money to removing the illegals and getting them back out of our nation. That could well take up less than those 10%, also. His cronies in the other sanctuary cities could take similar action regarding their illegal aliens.

‘Course, that would reduce their opportunity to whine and take away an excuse for demanding more OPM.

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