Progressive-Democratic Party Runs the House

In the latest round of House voting for Speaker, the Republicans failed again. And once again, the Progressive-Democratic Party Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries got more votes than did the Republican candidate. What’s despicable, though, is Jeffries’ comment about the latest Republican candidate Congressman Jim Jordan (R, OH). He is, according to Jeffries, a

clear and present danger to the American people[.]

Jeffries’ smear and deliberate divisiveness alone should have made Jordan the unanimous choice of the Republican Party.

Unfortunately, the once again failed vote is the Hurt Feelings Caucus, who are so thin-skinned, and the Chaos Caucus, who only know “No,” surrendering the House to the Progressive-Democratic Party.

Separately, as cited by Just the News, [Jeffries] later added that the GOP needs to stop embracing extremism. And

I’ve said repeatedly that there are many Republicans on the other side of the aisle who we believe are good Americans, good patriots and good men and women[.]

Sure. Good little Republicans. Credits to their party. They’ll politely speak and then be quiet and quit arguing.

This is how far to the radical, extreme Left—and bigoted—the Progressive-Democratic Party has gone, that Jeffries can insist that center right and right are somehow extremist.

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