Some Border Crossing Data

Illegal aliens are streaming across our southern border in increasing numbers under Progressive-Democrat President Joe Biden’s Open Border Policy.

  • 269,735 illegal alien encounters in September
    • of which 218,763 were encountered entering illegally by Border Patrol agents
    • 18 encounters of people between ports of entry at the southern border were on the terror watch list
  • of those who entered, only 43,000 were processed through ports of entry via the CBP’s Biden’s/Mayorkas’ One app
  • yearly total for illegal aliens at the southern border for FY23: 2.48 million
  • 2.38 million in FY22
  • 1.73 million in FY21
  • 736 terrorist suspects stopped at the border in fiscal year to date
    • 564 of those encounters occurred at land border ports of entry
    • 172 encounters occurred between ports of entry.

That’s almost 25% of the terrorist suspect “encounters” occurring during attempts to enter illegally. How many more were gotaways? How many yet more were between ports of entry and undetected?

And this datum, via the second link above:

  • 2.06 million illegal aliens entering between ports of entry—not including “gotaways.”

These illegal alien encounter data represent the aggregation of those caught and those processed via that Biden/Mayorkas app. What percentage of total border crossings do illegal aliens who enter undetected represent?

The key measure there is “undetected,” and that’s the problem: we not only don’t know how many are flowing in so freely and apparently invisibly, we don’t know who they are, either. Likely the vast majority are just like those encountered—primarily those wanting a better life, with drug mules and human traffickers in the mix, and those on the terrorist and criminal watch lists. The terrorist numbers are quite small compared to the total, but they’re far greater than the number of terrorists who inflicted the murders and destruction of 9/11.

The undetected likely includes more of these types, to our great peril. But they likely also include some—many—explicitly trained to penetrate our border undetected: PLA special forces personnel, Russian special forces personnel, Iranian specially trained terrorists. Each of these types will be fully capable of setting up their separate cells for action at the times the PRC, Russia, and Iran choose, for espionage and/or sabotage.

This is the outcome of Biden’s Open Border Policy. This is what a closed border looks like in DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas’ fevered imagination. This is the closed border that the press misleads us about.

Update: Corrected some copy/paste errors in the presented data. Bad mouse. Bad mouse….

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