A Simple Response

Progressive-Democrat President Joe Biden is looking at requiring illegal aliens to remain in Texas [and/or other border States] while they wait out their asylum screening.

The plan would force migrants to remain in Texas, or possibly other border states, by tracking their location through GPS monitoring devices, such as ankle bracelets, the officials told the [LA] Times.

This seems to me to be naked retaliation for Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s (R) penchant for transporting illegal aliens who volunteer for the trip to other cities and States that have invited them via their sanctuary city/State status. And about which some Mayors have started to whine and cry about being taken at their word.

Retaliation or not, there’s no reason Texans, or the citizens of other border States, should have to bear the costs of Biden’s No Southern Border policy.

Accordingly, here’s my suggested response: move the illegal aliens Biden is forcing held in [Texas] to each of the Federal buildings (which include more than just courthouses…) that are scattered around the State. Force the Feds to do the housing and bear the costs of that.

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