What Biden Hath Wrought

Here are some data, and some perspective, regarding what President Joe Biden (D) has done with his destructive immigration policies and their intrinsic open invitation to illegal immigrants to come ahead on and flood into our nation.

  • 6 million illegal aliens crossing our southern border since Biden took office
  • 6 million, nearly 20% of that total, gotaways—illegal aliens detected crossing our border illegally but who escaped capture and arrest
  • May of this year: more than 240,000 illegal border crossers, including at least 60,327 gotaways
  • June: at least 175,000 illegal border crossers were reported, including 50,000 gotaways
  • July: at least 200,500 illegal border crossers were reported including 27,000 gotaways
  • Those 8.6 million illegal aliens are equivalent to
    • estimated individual populations of 38 American States
    • more than all US cities except New York City
    • all American counties except Los Angeles County
    • the populations of over 120 countries
  • Those gotaways alone are more than the individual populations of 11 American States

That’s just the broad characterization of the illegal aliens. Of particular concern to me are those gotaways. Given that our border agents have succeeded in catching, at border stations, a few hundred who were on terrorist watch lists, and several hundred who have records of violent crimes—rape and murder—and who have records of child abuse and child rape, it’s especially concerning that we have no idea how many terrorists, violent criminals (or any other sort of criminals), and child molesters are among the gotaways. Or, to add another category not mentioned in Just the News‘ article, how many Peoples Republic of China, Russia, Iran, northern Korea spies are among the gotaways.

Biden and the Progressive-Democratic Party that supports him don’t care about our border security; they don’t care about our borders. With all that implies regarding our nation’s security.

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