Wrong Emphasis

The lede says it all.

The Biden administration and its European allies are laying plans for long-term military assistance to Ukraine to ensure Russia won’t be able to win on the battlefield and persuade the Kremlin that Western support for Kyiv won’t waver.

There’s no interest in the Biden administration or those European allies that are safely removed from the Russian border, insulated as they are (they think) by the eastern European nations who directly face the barbarian threat, to provide the prompt and extensive aid that Ukraine needs actually to win on the battlefield.

Biden’s, et al., decision merely to seek to prevent barbarian victory is crass, cynical, and just as barbaric as the Russian invasion, since all the decision does is prolong fighting and the resulting damage to Ukraine and increase the killings and maimings of Ukrainian soldiers and civilians—especially despicably, the killings and maimings and rapes of Ukrainian women and children.

The goal is to make sure Ukraine will be strong enough in the future to deter Russia from attacking it again. More immediately, Ukraine’s Western allies hope to discourage the Kremlin from thinking it can wait out the Biden administration….

This would be risible were it not so disgusting. Ukraine must first win before there can be any concern for deter[ing] Russia from attacking it again.

More immediately, there’d be no need to wait out the Biden administration were Biden to stop slow-walking and outright blocking delivery to Ukraine the weapons, ammunition, and supplies it needs to win outright.

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