Visit the Border?

Nah. The border tsar was too busy noshing with mega-donors in Texas to take the time to go to the border and see with her own eyes the disaster the Biden-Harris administrating is inflicting on us. She has people to do that, with their eyes. Except, no, she doesn’t….

She did, though, spend her busy time speechifying.

Harris [joined] a conversation at the LBJ Presidential Library on Saturday to discuss abortion access, then [gave] a speech at a fundraiser for the Texas Democratic Party.

The LBJ library, in Austin, is just about 200 miles from the Rio Grande River, a bare 3 hours, more or less, by auto and even quicker via Marine Two. But it’s too much trouble for the woman appointed by President Joe Biden (D) to the responsibility of dealing with our border to spend half a day there, on the river, seeing the illegal aliens walking/wading across that border, illegal aliens that Biden, through his Press Secretary, yokked it up (skip ahead to 1:50) over the very idea that anyone walked/waded across.

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