More Disingenuosity

President Joe Biden (D) has refused, since his cancelation of so much student loan debt, to identify who will pay for that cancelation, since the affected students won’t be paying for it themselves.

It gets worse—or better, for those in the Progressive-Democratic Party and their supporters who have such contempt for us average Americans. Either Biden and his minions couldn’t be bothered to run a cost analysis of the Biden Giveaway, or he did, and he’s refusing to let us unwashed see it.

The Leftist Brookings Institution does offer an excuse, though. Andre Perry, Senior Fellow at the Institution’s Brookings Metro:

This is hard to analyze because you need to look at the potential benefits or costs of people getting relief and how that may strengthen the economy. The federal financial aid program is one of the most difficult things to study and write about because these loans are not usually paid back all at once, but over decades—if they’re paid back at all.

It’s hard, so why should we have to bother? Never mind that now lots more of these loans won’t be paid back at all, which lightens that oh so difficult analysis. If one was done at all.

Never mind, either, that if Biden has no clue of the cost of his giveaway, of course he has no clue of who among us will be picking up the tab.


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